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Research of Influence to Chinese Female Consciousness from the Women's Liberation Movement in Yan'an Period

Author ShiLingLing
Tutor LiTao
School Xi'an University of Petroleum
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Women’s liberation movement female consciousness Yan’an Period
CLC D442.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In a very short period of time, Chinese women completed the course of women’s liberation which western countries accomplished in a few hundred years. Yan’an period acted as an important stage of link in the process of feminist consciousness development. It is not only the establishment of the Communist Party of China on the women’s movement guiding ideology and development period, but also an important stage of sinicizing Marxist theory of women’s liberation.The women’s liberation movement during Yan’an period has an important position in the history of the women’s movement in whole of China. It had deep impact on the development of feminist consciousness. Women who had been enslaved and detained for thousands of years started going out of home and joining the social transformation. They improved the development of female consciousness. They were constantly fighting and struggling to make a great contribution to the Chinese revolution, and wrote a glorious page in the history of the women’s movement in China.Women’s liberation movement during Yan’an period, the Communist Party of China universally implemented the electoral system including women, and reformed the institution of unreasonable marriage, carried out a large-scale anti-foot-binding movement. Thus, women have gained the right to education......Women’s liberation movement during Yan’an period greatly awakened the consciousness of the Chinese women, made female consciousness concretion in politics, economic, cultural and so on. These not only had a tremendous impact on Chinese female consciousness, but also to create a precedent for cooperation based on equality with men during the women’s liberation movement. Chinese women were slowly getting rid of shackles of feudal ideas, began a new course of female consciousness, carried out one unique path of development. Chinese women stood on social innovation arena with new altitude. Chinese women’s booming liberation movement of new female consciousness has laid a solid foundation and got popular support. The concept of gender equality had important impact. Women’s individual consciousness and the sense of community were constantly enhanced. In this paper, under the premise of showing the picture of women’s liberation movementdevelopment during Yan’an period, influence from women’s liberation movement to Chinesefemale consciousness is analyzed. This paper also provides a reference to the women’sliberation movement. We hope to make feminist consciousness more deeply in each individualheart.By constraints of social development level and influence of traditional concepts, today thereare many unsatisfactory areas for women in China today. Many problems still should besolved. Continuous efforts should be make in the expansion of women’s political participation,reduction of discrimination in employment, equal right for education and initiation of womenindependent public opinion. Research on influence of women’s liberation movement duringYan’an period on Chinese female consciousness could promote modern awareness of womenand women’s development. There will be a very important practical significance which givepositive role of women in the socialist modernization.

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