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Between the Revolution and the Feminism:Exploration and Analysis on Female Liberation of Xiang Jingyu

Author WangZuo
Tutor ZhouJinTao
School Xiangtan University
Course CPC's history
Keywords Xiang Jingyu Female Liberation Revolutionization Of Feminism Gender
CLC D442.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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At the Yan’an commemoration meeting of Women’s Day in1939, Mao Zedongspoke highly of Xiang Jingyu in his speech. He said:“We should learn to the modelwomen leaders and women communists Xiang Jingyu who have sacrificed in the ageof revolution. Hers is life of struggle for the women’s liberation, the liberation of theworking people and the communism career.” That laid the foundation for her imagesof “women leaders”,“women revolutionist” and “women martyrs” which given fromthe later generations.In recent years, with the constant gender research and multi-perspectiveextension of character subject research in historical, The themes on relationshipbetween the revolution and feminism, feminist and revolutionary women, haveattracted the researchers and gradually became central points. In order to reveal XiangJingyu’ life,what claims and practices her feminism,I chooses Xiang Jingyu as theresearch object, discusses her female liberation, and explain her hidden identity, afeminist under “the revolutionary women”, through the angle of gender。On the ideology, Xiang Jingyu experienced the transformation from liberalfeminism to Marxism。Since then, the revolution and the female liberation havebecame her struggling theme. Through industriously exploring and deeply thinkingfor female liberation in the revolutionary struggle, She summed up the relativelycomplete theoretical system on female liberation. In this paper, I start from the basicspirit of feminist theory, and summarize the main idea of them: seeking benefits forwomen is the purpose of the movement; political revolution is the way of femaleliberation; paying attention to women’s education and publicity in the women’smovement. As a feminist, Xiang Jingyu’ female liberation thoughts reflects not onlyproletariat position,but also the pursuit of women’s special interests.In Chinese modern history, political revolution is the theme. Many socialphenomenons have to comply with the general trend, and attach to the proletarianrevolution, Although they have really existed and constantly developed. Under therevolution of the main tone, Instead of being revealed alone, they have been ignoredor hidden, which include feminism. Although her life is short, she devoted her wholelife to the revolution and female career. Her experiences can interpret the complex andsensitive relationship between the revolution and the feminism quite well. Byanalysing Xiang Jingyu’ feminist anxiety, I try to expound the revolution system which under the early leadership of the communist party of China. Then through theinterpretation of this pattern on female liberation, and the phenomenon of femaleindividual gender consciousness hidden, I mean to make the reader thinking aboutdeeper theses of female liberation.

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