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Research on Farmers Awareness in the Process of Immigrant Poverty Alleviation

Author DingXueFeng
Tutor ZhangHuiLing
School Henan University of Science and Technology
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Immigrant poverty alleviation farmer awareness suggestions
CLC D442.62
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Immigrant poverty alleviation is to solve the poor living conditions of poorfarmers in the fundamental way out of poverty. Since the80’s of last century, Chinabegan in Gans, Ningxia region to explore the path of immigrant poverty alleviation,immigrant poverty alleviation from the pilot to carry out large-scale, after30years ofdevelopment, immigrant poverty alleviation through the implementation, greatlyimproved the deep Stone Mountain, geological disaster-prone areas and poor livingconditions in poor areas people’s living and production and living conditions,accelerate the impoverished masses takes off deficient to become rich. Immigrantpoverty alleviation has made great contributions to the development of the cause ofpoverty reduction in China, has made the indelible contribution for the development ofthe cause of poverty reduction of the state. Since entering the new century, in view ofthe important status of immigrant poverty alleviation in poverty alleviation anddevelopment work, to satisfy the masses of cadres and the masses to carry out ex-situpoverty alleviation strong desire to move, The party and The state on the basis ofsumming up experiences, will immigrant poverty alleviation strategy rose to nationalpoverty reduction and surface layer. Especially the "China rural poverty alleviation anddevelopment just (2011-2020)" promulgated, the primary task will be immigrantpoverty alleviation column for poverty alleviation, clearly defined "adhere to thevoluntary principle, the immigrant poverty alleviation of poor living conditions of poorareas". Immigrant poverty alleviation rise to a new level.Immigrant poverty alleviation is a systems engineering, needs efforts from everyaspect, such as government-led, sector investment and various social forces toparticipate. Play the relocated main body consciousness is an important factor inpoverty alleviation and relocation work easily. Relocated consciousness of the play isnot only reflected in every link of immigrant poverty alleviation, but also throughoutthe immigrant poverty alleviation process. Marx philosophy, internal motive force of the development and change of things, development of things changing externalconditions. For all things, good external conditions, left the internal impetus,everything will be in vain. Immigrant poverty alleviation also is such, the governmentintroduced the good policy, invest more manpower and material resources, departmentcoordination how smoothly, social participation degree high, if not relocatedhouseholds to participate in the initiative, the initiative, the work still can’t do anything.At present, in the ease of migration for the implementation of the project, therelocation of households play subject consciousness exist many problems, such asconservative, to rely on such thought influenced relocated consciousness of the play,had a negative effect on the ease of migration to open it.Our awareness of the farmers in the sexual, under the influence of historicalculture and influenced by the society, the relocation of the positive side door ofconsciousness, such as diligence, modesty. There is a negative side, such asconservative. The positive side has a good role in promoting the implementation of therelocation to poverty alleviation, a negative control work in the open. Play therelocated main body consciousness is to strive to make the positive factors of farmersawareness play out, get rid of the negative factors which exist.The formation of the consciousness is a subjective factors and objective factors,there are historical and practical factors. So play the main relocated consciousnessfrom the subjective factors and objective factors, the historical and practical factors.This paper combines theory with practice, points out the problems relocatedconsciousness, the farmers’ awareness of the influence of migration for work, putforward to develop relocated consciousness positive countermeasures and suggestionsin the immigrant poverty alleviation

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