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Study on Zhu De’s Military Technology Thought and Its Practice

Author LiuZuAi
Tutor MoZhiBin
School Hunan Normal University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Zhu De Military Technology Thought Practice
Type PhD thesis
Year 2014
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This article employs the method of textual research, the comparative research and the method that combines historical evidence and theoretical analysis to study Zhu De’s military technology thought and its practice. The full text includes seven parts.The introduction part reviews the research status of Zhu De’s military technology thought and its limitations, points out that the thought is an important part of Zhu De’s military thought and gives information about the meaning of this research, research method, approach and key and difficult points.The first part mainly explores the historic tradition and process of the formation and development of Zhu De’s military technology thought. In this part, the great disparity between China and Western in modern times, the imbalance in China’s political and economic development and his own special experiences are regarded as the historic tradition. His military technology thought is gradually formed and developed based on the practical standpoint of our nation and troop and the creative application of basic principles of Marxism in the long-term practice of leading people’s army, revolution and construction. This article divides the development into three periods including preliminary period, the basic formation and system completed period. The first one is from1909when Zhu De entered Yunnan Military Academy to1928when he joined force with Mao Zedong as the sprouting period. The second one is from1928to1949when New China was founded. After then, he advanced his military thought further around constructing a modernized defense armed force to meet the profound change of the people’s army’s historical mission.The second part analyses and concludes the key expressions of his thought. The judgment that technology is the basis of tactics was guided by Marxism, based on the fact that the economic and technological level in the revolutionary base was low, the confiscated items were the main source of weapons and the army was composed of low cultural degree peasants, emphasizing that military technology plays a decisive role in tactics of people’s war. Zhu De’s thought that technology is everything to the premise of qualified politics not only affirms the status of military technology in modern warfare, but also highlights its strategic position in the development of people’s army. His thought that bravery and technology can conquer all avoids the previous one-sided idea that those two factors could be separated. In Zhu’s theory, both bravery and technology are the basic requirements in the development of people’s army.The third part discusses Zhu’s military technology education and practice. Firstly, under the guidance that running a military academy is a long-term and permanent constructing assignment, this article examines the hard education development process from nonexistence to existence and from comprehensive to special in low-level revolutionary bases. Secondly, this article examines Zhu’s basic thoughts and principles of the subject, object and content in military technology education. For instance, it must be proceeded from the reality,the key point lies in the cadres’ thoughts and practice and the ideas like graded responsibility in military training and cross-training between officers and soldiers in the process, etc.The forth part discusses Zhu’s military industry thought and practice. Military industry is an important basis of his military technology thought. It mainly illustrates his idea that factory construction is in the center of the construction of people’s army, his practice of guiding the construction of people’s army factory, his thought and practice of management and improving China’s modernization of national defense by learning advanced foreign military technology.The fifth part discusses the features and status of his military technology thought. Compared with Mao Zedong’s thought, Zhu De’s is featured as popularity, contemporaneity, practicalness and innovativeness. Zhu’s not only enriches Mao’s thought in theory, but also guides military factory and people’s army to achieve the historical leap from nonexistence and existence, from weak to strong and from behind to modernization.The conclusion points out the academic meanings and realistic theoretical meanings of Zhu De’s military technology thought and practice. It also encourages to excavate new materials, to further study his thoughts about duel-use, personnel usage and the development of military technology and to deepen the comparative study between Zhu’s and Mao’s thoughts.

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