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Lenin's National Defense Construction Thoughts and Its Realistic Enlightenment Research

Author ChenYao
Tutor ZhaoXiaoLei
School Shanxi Normal University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Lenin National defense construction Realistic enlightenment
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Any scientific theory is an inevitable product of the times,should be perfected constantly with the development of the times.Lenin’s national defense construction thought is in the Russianmasses in generated by the Czar Government brutal oppression byimperialism and the historical background of bullying. Lenin led theRussian people set off a storm of the "October revolution",overthrew the government’s reactionary rule, and established thefirst socialist country in the world, opened a new era of leading theRussian people to build socialism. In the early establishment ofsocialism, Lenin was very focused on national defense and armybuilding, put forward to defend the socialist motherland,establishing proletarian revolutionary forces, the development ofnational defense industry and a series of national defenseconstruction theory, the consolidation of the new socialist regime,defend the Russian people revolution victory has played a veryimportant guiding role. The theory is tested, and constantlypromotes the development of practice and theory. The Marxdoctrine must be the reality of the situation awareness, theinheritance and development of Marx theory. Lenin thought of thenational defense building is to provide the instructional method for what happened on the problem, however, can not solve the problemafter he died many years provide ready-made answers. Lenin’sThoughts on the national defense construction is an important partof the system of Marx theory, is an important guiding ideology of theproletariat political party building of national defense and the army,only continue to inheritance, enrichment and development ofLenin’s Thought on national defense building, can not only reflectthe continuity theory so that the national defense and army buildingtheory, but also embodies innovative theory point of view.This paper systematically discusses the Lenin national defensethought formed social conditions, main contents andcharacteristics, theoretical value and realistic enlightenment infive aspects. The first part of the historical background from thedefense of Lenin thought, the combination of historical informationdescribes the importance and necessity of the. The second and thethird part focuses on the main content of Lenin thought on nationaldefense building and the main characteristics of the discussion,Lenin thought of national defense construction is scattered, not tobecome a complete theory system, but these views at the time ofthe historical conditions play a decisive role does play a role, butalso provides a theoretical guidance to strengthen the socialistconstruction of national defense for Lenin after the leader. The fifthpart mainly introduces the important enlightenment of Lenin’snational defense construction of national defense construction ofour country socialism. Theory to guide practice will enhance theexperience, the inheritance and innovation of the theory, which isconsistent with the basic standpoint of Marx’s historical materialism. Based on the inheritance and development of Leninthought on national defense construction, we formed a Chinasocialist national defense construction theory system of a set ofsystem in line with their actual situation. And in the guidance theorysystem, China’s national defense construction has made greatachievements that attract worldwide attention, not only to create agood domestic and international environment for China’s socialisteconomic construction, but also greatly enhance thecomprehensive competitive power of our country to achieve the riseof great powers, to provide a solid backing. In the new historicalconditions, in order to Xi Jinping as a new generation of centralcollective leadership to the general secretary, combining thehistory and reality, theory and practice, the scientific summary ofour party in the successful experience of national defense and armybuilding, and puts forward the Chinese characteristics of nationaldefense construction road.

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