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The Relationship Between Mental Stress and Military Perormance of Army Soldiers:the Moderate Effect of Army Morale

Author XieYuanJun
Tutor YangLing
School Northwest Normal University
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords Army soldiers Psychological stress Military performance Armymorale Moderate effect
CLC E0-051
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Army’s functions and mission requirement to maintain a strong army combat effectiveness,not only in peacetime complish the military activities,but also ready to execute operations,exercise,emergency rescue and disaster relief and other major military mission, therefore military military performance standards and requirements are strictly and demanding. But armymen as special occupationalgroup, the military life full of psychological stress.Long-standing stress of the cumulative effects might affect the military performance soldier. Meanwhile, morale as troops spirit has an important meaning to military organization, mayproduce certain effect to the psychological stress and military performance ofsoldiers.Therefore, the subjects of army soldiers as the main research object, questionnaire as the main Study methods,explore the relationship between the psychological stress, military morale and military performance of army soldier, and provide adviceto enhance the performance of army troops. Considering military organization’s particularity and applicability of the research tools, this study include two points research:the part one is to modify the questionnaire of army soldier psychological stress and army soldier military performance,revise army morale scale; the part two is to apply the research tools to collect dates and analyse with statistical analysis software, the army morale as a middle varible, explore the relationship between the army soldier psychological stress, military performance and army morale, and provide advice to reduce the psychological stress and improve military performance level of army soldiers.The part on of research results show that the questionnaire of psychological stress of army soldiers including five factors30questions of military training, work load, life in the camp, army management, interpersonal conflict, this questionnaire has good structural validity, content validity and efficiency standard association validity, and the internal consistency coefficient is0.938, the each factor of internal consistency coefficient is0.754to0.890, questionnaire topics have good discernment and popularity,with the ideal psychometric indexes;the army soldiers military performance questionnaire includes four factors32questions of military skill,work performance, discipline and internal relations, this questionnaire also have good structural validity, content validity and efficiency standard association validity, and the internal consistency coefficient is0.954, the internal consistency coefficient for each factor is0.797to0.888, questionnaire topics have good discrimination and popularity, with the ideal psychometric indicators; The revised Taiwan army morale scale of internal consistency coefficient is0.913,the repeated measurement reliability for0.855. Therefore modification and revised questionnaire and scale can be used for further research.In the part two, the questionnaires and scale were administrate in lanzhou Area Command from three forces military10companys.questionnaire600copies,536valid questionnaires,the subjects are all male, with average age of21.38±8.52years old, to the data collected are analysed by statistic analysis,the research results suggest that:1.Army soldiers psychological stress and military performance is significantly negative correlation, correlation coefficient is-0.371; The psychological stress of army troops with military morale also has significant negative correlation, correlation coefficient is-0.425; Army morale and army soldiers military performance is a significant positive correlation, correlation coefficient is0.428;2.The psychological stress of army soldiers to military performance have negative inhibition and path coefficient for-0.265, P<0.001; Army morale to the psychological stress of army soldiers have negative inhibition and path coefficient for-0.466, P<0.001; Army morale to military performance of army soldier have a positive role in promoting the performance, the path coefficient for0.318, P<0.001;3.Army morale plays moderating effect role between psychological stress and military performance of the army soldiersplays,the moderating effect is0.065, P<0.05.Therefore, we can promote army soldier military performance through the proper stress management and morale incentive measures based on the research results.

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