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Research on Cultural Differences between Training Environment and Working Environment of the National Defense Students

Author SuJianSheng
Tutor ZhengHong
School Xiamen University
Course Higher Education
Keywords National Defense Students Training Environment WorkingEnvironment Cultural Differences
CLC E251.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of science and technology in today’s world, human has entered the information age. How to obtain the initiative in war and the victory of the war in new condition is a question for our military revolution to consider, and one of the most critical is a new type of high-quality military talents training problem. If solved well, it will gradually reduce the gap between our country and the rest of the world military power. In order to keep up with the development trend of world military, we explore Chinese characteristic "civil-military integration development way". In2000, we have formally established the training military cadres system relying on higher education, local institutions of higher education and talent resource advantage, aimed at training qualified Reserve Command and technical officer for the Army. However, due to the short history of this system, we still lack training experience and there’s still a gap between the quality of our trainees and the actual military requirement of the new period.This essay interprets the cultural differences between the training and working environment of national defense students with document study and comparative research, analyzes the differences between campus culture and military camp culture and comes up with some suggestions for adjustment to cultures. This essay comprises five parts:The first part is introduction. This part explains the source of the project, current research, concept, ideas and methods, purpose and meaning; it also summarizes the current domestic and foreign research into national defense college students in China and Reserve Officers Training Corp. in America; it gives explanation to spiritual culture, behavioral culture as well as institutional culture.The second part is about the influence of cultural background on talents’ growth, which mainly compares and analyzes the impact of campus culture on the development of national defense studnts at school and that of military camp culture on their development at work.The third part analyzes the cultural-differences between training and working environment of defense students in terms of spiritual, institutional and behavioral culture. The fourth part is about some suggestion for adjustment to cultures. In order to ensure the consistency between campus and military camp culture, we must focus on the comprehensive ability of defense students, enhance the quality of their training and improve the cultural adjustment system.The fifth part is the conclusion.

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