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The Study on System of Community Correction Social Investigation and Evaluation

Author LuXiaoFeng
Tutor WangYanFei
School Hunan University
Course Law
Keywords community correction social investigation system
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The deve lopme nt of community correction is later started in China. In2003, theSupreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of PublicSecurity a nd the M inistry of J ustice decided to carry out p ilot work of co mmunitycorrection in s ix provinces and d istricts. In2006, the pilot work expanded to18provinces and municipa lities. In2009, it exte nded to the who le nation. In the processof constant exp loratio n and summarization of community correction, excelle ntpractices were achieved, such as Be ijing Model, Shangha i Model, Jiangs u Model,which was a vivid reflection of achie ve ments concerning co mmunit y correction. In2008, Organizatio n of Community Correction was set up in Huna n province, whichorganized profess iona l correction team and gradually conducted correctio n work. In2011, the Bureau of Public Security, the Procuratorate and the Bureau of Just ice ofHuna n province jointed to make specific regulations o n socia l investigation andevaluation, whic h was a favorable primary exp loratio n to socia l investigation andevaluation syste m in China. The concept of community correction socia l investigatio nand evaluation syste m, this paper introduces d ifferent de finition of so me scholars andexperts at home and abroad, and adopts the definition descripted in the provinc ia l file.This paper also emp hasizes the significance of imp leme nting socia l investigatio n a ndevaluation syste m and points out it is the only way to guarantee the legitimate rightsof informa nt, regulate the valid rights of the Bureau of Justice, realize the fairness andjustice and construct lega l society. The introduction of the community corr ectionsocia l investigation and eva luatio n syste m in America, Japan, Be ijing, Shangha i andHuna n Province provide references for us to absorb outstanding experience andthoroughly carry out community correction socia l investigatio n and evaluation syste m.This paper brie fly ana lyses the proble ms and shortages existing in China and clarifiesthat we’d better follow four principals, i.e.: economy, scientificity, timeliness,confidentia lity. This paper writes down the who le process of positio n paper andexpla ins the norms when report docume nts send to relative departme nts. Through theconcrete elaboration o f the cause, object, subject and investigation ma nner o f socia linvestigation and eva luatio n, this paper offers related suggestions with regard to lega lsupervis ion, fund guarantee, partic ipatio n of the vo lunteers, and innovatio n ofadministration syste m, improve ment of concerned laws and regulatio ns and so on, so as to benefit the smooth deve lopme nt of community correction in China.

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