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The Theory of the Retirement Age

Author ZhangJinYang
Tutor JinXing
School Shenyang Normal
Course Legal Theory
Keywords legal retired legal system retirement age social factors
CLC D922.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Retired legal system due to age or injury related to the reasons people quitworking in the field of pension and security issues, so widespread concern of thewhole society, especially in recent years, retirement system regarding retirement agefor men and women to delay retirement and retirement age issue is always active invarious aspects of the discussion, submit issues on which there are "two sessions",there is an official interpretation of the newspaper TV, there are friends of the forumdiscussion, even the streets of ordinary chat. The reason why there is so muchattention, should be due to two reasons: on the one hand, issues related to theretirement age does affect the vital interests of many people and even many families,slight changes will have a greater impact; on the other hand, originally designed forstable operation of the retirement age suddenly being of the whole society toconcentrate on, not just retirement institutional arrangements own problems, or theresults of the public to enhance awareness of the rights, this is a potential conceptreflects the liberal right in some respects. China’s retirement age is determined in theframework of the1950s down, with the rapid development of Chinese society, inreality, already produces fusion of estrangement, in particular, the CPC CentralCommittee has decided to adjust the retirement age, at least delay retirement isimperative. Therefore, we should contact the retirement system generated liberaltheoretical foundation, ages to explore the path to solve real problems.I believe that the retirement age of retirement is a core element of the legalsystem, the theory of the retirement age, it should be placed in the overall retirementsystem to analyze the legal knowledge. First of all, the basic theory should be retiredand a certain understanding of related concepts. Then, explore the source and flow ofretirement in the overall legal system category. The retirement age of retirementthinking contains the legal system to restore to the whole process of liberalphilosophy of development, using the method of historical analysis, from the originsof Western liberalism cut, gradually expand the discourse of Western liberal ideas until resolved by the socio-economic impact on the formation of the legal system aswell as the retirement age and retirement internal relations, re-focus our legal systemand the basic situation retirement retirement age. Then the article discusses the overallpumping stripping out the reality of retirement community on two specific topics, thatour men and women of retirement age be analyzed and implemented retirement agepolicy. Finally, for our retirement policy adjustment recommendations for specificpractical problems, including the retirement age between men and women, cancelfemale identity differences in retirement, the progressive introduction of delayretirement, design flexible retirement scheme, improve the pension insurance system,supporting the relevant legislation, handle the associated social relations.

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