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The Research on China's Bankcard Consumer Rights Protection

Author ZhongLin
Tutor WeiLu
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Public Administration
Keywords bankcard consumer rights protection mechanism
CLC D923.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Bankcard consumer rights protection is an important part of thebanking-industry consumer rights protection and also fully mature signifyof all banking-industry participants under the risk and complicatedenvironment. To strengthen of bankcard consumer rights protection hasimportant economic and social significance on how to raise the awarenessof consumer rights protection, supervise and simulate banking institutionsto keep self-discipline in competition, improve the overall finance safetyand promote the construction of harmonious society.In recent years, with continuous developments of the research offinancial consumer rights protection, banking-industry consumer rightsprotection have become a hot research content. However, specificresearch of bankcard consumer rights protection is few and its foucus ison law system construction. There are few discussion of the whole systemconstruction of bankcard consumer rights protection. Based protection as starting poin, then discuss the problem of bankcard on this, this paper setthe status quo of bankcard consumer rights protection in our country andanalyze the causes of problems with the aid of information economics,public economics and public control principles. Ultimately, this paperdraw a conclusion that how to enhance construction of bankcardconsumer rights protection in order to perfect our country thebanking-industry and overall financial consumer rights protection system,and to promote the comprehensive and healthy development of thesociety and economy.This paper mainly focus on the following four points:Firstly, define the concept of bankcard consumer and rightsprotection categories by reviewing the origins of consumer rightsprotection. Then analyse the public management theory foundation ofbankcard consumer rights protection basing on the consumer protectiontheory.Scecondly, expound the status quo of bankcard consumer rightsprotection in China, point out that problems in China’s bankcardconsumer rights protection from several aspects, namely: structuralcontradiction of bank card consumer rights protection mechanism isprominent; subjective factors restrict the development of bankcardconsumer rights protection; bankcard consumer rights protectionmechanism is not smooth operation. Thirdly, as representatives of foreign bankcard consumer rightsprotection, the advanced experiences and enlightenments of UnitedStates and Hong Kong were introduced in detail to our country. Andcombining with China’s national conditions,review and compare theexperiences of these two countries (regions) and carry out feasibilityanalysis in organization establishment, law making, responsibilityallocation, complaint management, dispute settlement and so on.Finally, put forward countermeasures and suggestions of perfectingour country’s bankcard consumer rights protection, namely: improve thelevel of bankcard consumer rights protection legislation; regulate anddetail complaint handling and dispute mediation mechanism; enhance thepublicity education and training of consumers; continue to innovate andimprove the existing protection mechanism.

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