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The Effects of Adult Attachment and I-sharing on Interpersonal Attraction

Author HeZeHai
Tutor LiuZeWen
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Applied Psychology
Keywords adult attachment subjective similarity and objective similarity I-sharing interpersonal attraction
CLC B849
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Objective similarity is an important factor in interpersonal attraction. But some scholar pointed out that subjective similarity can lead to interpersonal attraction which I-sharing is one form of the subjective similarity. However, some studies indicated that I-shared people may be affected by false consensus bias to over estimate the quantity of other who was accordant with them. This situation is related to the character of adult attachment in interpersonal attraction. Currently, scholars focused on the relation between adult attachment and interpersonal attraction. Attachment avoidance is hard to belief in other’s positivity and discards the faith in negativity so as to perform the defensive tragedy. Attachment anxiety is tend to make a positive or negative judgment by insufficient evidence so as to perform the impulsive tragedy.The significance of research is lies in cultivating a positive feeling especially facing the discrepancy between people. It made an optimistic view to push forward to communication and development of interpersonal relationship.We hypothesized as follows. Firstly, under inactive attachment condition subjective sharing can lead to interpersonal attraction. Secondly, Above-average people in attachment avoidance showed unobvious interest on similarities. Below-average people in attachment anxiety showed excessive assessment on others’subjective similarity. Thirdly, interpersonal attraction has an interaction effect between adult attachment and similarity.To test the hypothesis, 128 students were participated into two studies. Under inactive attachment condition, both two studies verified the effect to interpersonal attraction from subjective similarity. Under active attachment condition, study 1 verified the interaction between objective similarity and attachment avoidance by questionnaire of compound words. It also showed the interaction between subjective similarity and attachment anxiety. Study 2, a supplement was made to verify the interaction between objective similarity and anxiety by scenario. Two studies indicated five results as follows. Firstly, subjective similarity showed a main effect on interpersonal attraction, in order to demonstrate that subjective condition can influence the affection among peoples. Secondly, above-average people in attachment avoidance showed no significant interests between objective similarity and objective dissimilarity, they also have no preference between subjective similarity and subjective dissimilarity. It may be related to the restraining of intimating. Thirdly, above-average people in attachment anxiety showed no significant interests between objective similarity and objective dissimilarity. But they preferred subjective similarity to subjective dissimilarity. It may be related to the hyper-activated of intimating.This serial studies separated two traits of adult attachment to discuss the interpersonal attraction under the situation of subjective and objective research. The results announced the influence upon adult attachment and circumstances in the view of object relations theory. It may be importance to consulting of intimate relation and the psychodynamic therapy of borderline personality disorder.

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