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Analysis of Industrial Innovation in Hebei Province

Author YangKun
Tutor HanLaiPing
School Hebei Normal
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords Science and technology innovation technological output Patent industry technology market
CLC F427
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In today’s society, technological innovation has become a decisive force of social and economic development, meantime it is a important performance which reflects a country’s core competitiveness. Only by enhancing the original technological innovation and basic innovation capacity, forming high-tech industry cluster, changing the economic development approach, it can maintain the sustainable of economic development. Hebei is a large economy province in China, GDP takes the lead of our country, but the per capita income is lower. The main reason is innovation ability is weak, so that economy can not escape the shackles of the traditional development model, thus it’s no way to embark on a new, fast track of development.Industry of Hebei Province, occupies an important position in the economy, especially the development of traditional heavy industry has a unique natural advantages and human resources, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, chemicals and other traditional industry has formed a certain scale and systems, moreover some areas have formed a certain scale of industrial clusters, but this industry is mainly product raw materials and semi-oriented industries, production equipments fall behind, the capability of independent innovation is low, the rate of technological innovation is slow. However, we can find from the analysis that although Hebei’s economy mainly relies on resources, energy, and inputs, but the demand for technology is quite large, especially the demand in high-tech industry and middle and high-tech industry, enhance their development can make a more balanced economy in Hebei Province, then it is more conducive to the sustainable of economic development. From view of the scientific research of Hebei Province accounting for the proportion of GDP, is also far lower than the national average. From the view of technical service contracts accounted for more than half, while contracts of the technology development and technology transferring only accounted for more than 40%,the key core technology mainly depends on the external area; The transactions related to intellectual property accounts for more than half, but the proportion of patented technology is very little, only the number of intellectual property types of transactions 4.85%, of which more than 90% of intellectual property rights have been occupied by know-class and computer software classes. Therefore, transferring from the view of the level of technology, scientific and technological content of goods is not high, and the introduction of technology there is no security, at any time may be referenced by other comparable industries and enterprises, which makes our province’s enterprises in a long-term and passive state of development, product technology content is not high, mainly depend on the resources and investment to pull into the regional economic development, so extensive mode of development will lead to future dilemma of economic development.By the way of data research, literature research etc, this paper analyses the overall situation of innovation in Hebei Province firstly, and then analyses the innovative capability of various industrial sectors which according to industrial sectors classification and evaluation standards of industrial innovation ability, that is, patents and technology markets indicators. Based on a detailed analysis of Hebei Province, the innovative capability of various industrial sectors, and compare the country with higher levels of economic development in other provinces, Hebei Province, scientific and technological innovation to identify the strengths and weaknesses, potential break points, and the future of industrial the direction of development, according to industry innovation capability of industrial status, as well as the status of Hebei Province, the innovation agency, targeted propose targeted measures, so as to better enhance the capability of independent innovation industries in Hebei Province to provide advice. Contrast the rest of the provinces with higher levels of economic development, identify the advantages and disadvantages of technological innovation, potential break points, and the future direction for industrial development in Hebei Province, according to status of industry innovation capability in Hebei agency, propose targeted measures, so it can provide advice to better enhance the capability of independent innovation industries in Hebei Province.

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