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Problems, Countermeasures and Influence of International Non-governmental Organizations Development

Author WangDongDong
Tutor LiYunXia
School Hebei Normal
Course Political Theory
Keywords international non-governmental organization deveploment problem counter measure
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of economic globalization, world multi-polarization anddemocracy in international relations and the development of a new force suddenly rises.,international non-governmental organizations, and gradually penetrate into all areas ofnational life and international affairs, become an important international behavior after theinternational government national, intergovernmental bodies. Especially in the recent tenyears, with the deepening of globalization and international political and economic structureadjustment, the various global issues have become increasingly prominent, the internationalnon-governmental organization with its unique mode of operation, plays an irreplaceable rolein the field of global governance, to produce an important influence in international society.After World War II, especially since the1980s, The further development of economicglobalization for the connection between all over the world, more and more close, globalproblems become common challenges faced by countries around the world. In the economicglobalization and international nongovernmental organizations under the action of their ownadvantages, and other comprehensive factors, globalization and internationalnongovernmental organizations interactive gradually strengthen, the number of internationalnon-governmental organizations growing, growing strength, play an increasingly importantrole, at the same time globalization further deepening, the global information, economic,military, social culture and environment in the international non-government organizations toparticipate in the rapidly start the integration process. Globalization has become the inevitabletrend of social development; national states in front of the global problems often showpowerless or helpless. Growing with the development of international non-government power,however, its role as a global governance behavior body, the impact in the very great degreethe dominant position in the international system of nation-states in traditional, dominated bynational center of the original pattern of the international system is put forward severechallenges. Obviously for the non-government research has important theoretical significanceand practical significance. Therefore, in-depth systematic study of international non-government development problems, countermeasures and effects, to promote thedevelopment of non-governmental organizations in our country, effective play to the role ofnongovernmental organizations. By system in this paper, the development of internationalnon-governmental organizations, international non-government in China in the process ofsocialist modernization construction activity way and role, and also for our country tostrengthen the management of international non-governmental organizations to providecertain reference significance.This paper uses the case method and the method of historical documents, this paper isdivided into four parts:The first part, international non-governmental organizations is introduced. Severalaspects of this part of the main international non-governmental organization concept andcharacteristics, reasons for the rise and development status and detailed activities, which weall know about the international non-governmental organizations, for the following objectiveanalysis of international non-governmental organizations problems lay a foundation.The second part, analyzes the problems and causes in the development of internationalnon government organization. Main problems existing in the development of the internationalnon-government organizations in the international law main body status, regional distributionimbalance, their own ability is insufficient. International non-government developmentproblem of factors mainly includes the legitimacy basis of lack of recognition, imbalance ofregional economic development, its development is not mature.The third part, the countermeasure to promote the development of internationalnon-governmental organizations. In order to better promote the internationalnon-governmental organizations play in the international society irreplaceable role, putsforward the corresponding countermeasure, mainly displays in: to take effective measures, toobtain legal status; the realization of balanced economic development, promote balanceddevelopment; improve their own organization construction, realize the independentdevelopment.The fourth part, the international non government organization of double effect. Theinfluence of international non-governmental organizations from two aspects of positive and negative evaluation. The positive impact is mainly manifested in the realization ofinternational behavior body diversification, promote the development of democratic politics,and effectively alleviate the national conflict. The negative impact is mainly reflected in thesurface of ideological essence, with political overtones; losing its independence, become tointervene in other country’s internal tools; there exist obvious differences in philosophy, withextreme tendency.

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