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Study on the Integration of City Culture and City Space

Author WangWeiWei
Tutor FengWeiBo
School Chongqing Normal University
Course Human geography
Keywords the city culture the urban space integration the southern district of LuFengcountry
CLC C912.81
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In the period of the economic globalization and the rapid urbanization, city culture more and more attention of all circles of the society, and it has significant strategic role in the construction of city space. How to develop and inherit the good city culture, and to make the city culture and city space to achieve the organic integration, and to improve the quality and competitiveness of city, and to promote the sustainable development of city, these have become one of the most important content of city planning and design of the current.At present, the development of city space appears many similar phenomena in our country. We blind pursue the foreign culture, and ignore the local culture, to result in a number of cities that appears to the appearance of "thousands of the city side". To this end, the paper and correlation studies comply with the need of the development of city planning, and carry out the historical mission entrusted by the times. In the thesis writing, the author mainly adopts the method of theory and practice, and focus on the methods and strategies of city culture and city space integration, and selects with a strong culture of the southern district of Lufeng county in Yunnan province as the empirical study, and tries to the effect of point to other cities with the study, to provide theoretical reference and practical experience for integrated planning of the other city culture and city space and city construction. Paper is divided into seven parts.The first part is introduction. In which the author generalizes the research background, research significance, research progress, research purpose, research methods, research content, a logical framework and innovation points. In the progress of study, the author is reviewed on the research literature of city culture, city space and city culture space at home and abroad.The second part is the related concept and the basis of the theory of the research on city culture and city space integration. In which the author mainly introduces the concepts of city, culture, space, city culture, city space and city culture space, and analyses and arranges the related theories on the integration of research methodology, city culture, city space structure and new urban development. The author analyses and summarizes about the system analysis method, the "point-axis system" theory, city culture related discipline theory, the theory of social culture, industry development theory, classical city spatial structure model theory, spatial structure theory, the spatial interaction theory, the theory of garden city, satellite city and the theory of new urbanism theory research. And these will be used as a theoretical reference paper.The third part is the level and the mode of integration of city culture and city space. From the integration view, the author discusses the planning index and design about the overall planning, the controlling detailed planning, the construction detailed planning and the architecture design of the city cultural space. By drawing on the space development mode of the regional economic development, the author summarizes five integration modes-the growth pole, the axis, the point-axis, the gradient, the network, and provides guidance for the integration of the city cultural space.The fourth part is the integration method of city culture and city space. The paper mainly discussed on the integration method about city culture and city space, and based on the historical context of the city space and the city cultural space about the ecological environment. And the author uses the historical and cultural space of Yunchi county of Sichuan province and the protection and planning on the city integration of cultural ecological space of Fuquan city of Guizhou province as examples to demonstrate the two integration methods.The fifth part is the integration strategy of city culture and city space. This part mainly proposes to strengthen the city culture mining, sorting, protection and inheritance; improvement of city space culture structure and function of system; strengthening the city culture industry integration; combining with the culture ecology, promoting the sustainable development of the city; integration strategy to further strengthen the management implementation and so on about city culture and city space.The sixth part is empirical study:taking the integration about city culture and city space of the southern district of Lufeng county as an example. The part mainly analyses on the natural and historical and cultural characteristics of the southern district of Lufeng county, and the integration of city culture and city space, and proposes the background on the ancient culture and the integration of the trade city and Shiman leisure resort, and plans and designs the trade city and Shiman leisure resort.The seventh part is conclusion. The part summarizes the paper, and presents the deficiencies, and prospects the future research.

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