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Research and Analysis on the Current Situation and Problems of Poverty in North China Rural Areas

Author ZhaoJing
Tutor WanRenDe
School Central China Normal University
Course Social Work
Keywords North China rural areas return of poverty route probing
CLC C913.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Therefore, since the founding of China, many effective measures and schemes for p overty alleviation have been proposed.Since China’s reform and opening up, great achievements of China’s poverty alleviat ion have been made, including great reduction of poverty population, dramatically develo pment of the rural area’s economy, many poor areas getting out of poverty.However, in the meanwhile, our country still faces greive condition and great challe nges in the course of poverty relief. There are such phenomenons as large number of pov erty population, weak economic base, waste.of.resources and environment polution result ed of irrational development, and great loss of talents because of uneven regional develop ment, lack of rural labor force, so that the return of poverty is serious. All these problems demonstrate that our task of poverty relief is long and tough. Based on the research and investigation to P county, Chengde city, Hebei province on the spot, this paper digs deep ly out the problems under new condition of our poverty relief mission. Particularly, this paper raises new ideas and deeper contemplation about the return of poverty in rural area s through clear-up and analysis of the research datas, and tries to figure out the inner reas ons of this phenomenon to inject any catalyst to our poverty relief careerThroughout the development of human society, it can be analyzed from two aspects, which on one hand, is the history of mankind from ignorance to civilization, while on th e other hand, can also be seen as human being’s constantly struggling with poverty, and e ventually leading human to prosperity. There are three main forms in the process of fighti ng against poverty:poverty reduction, poverty alleviation and poverty elimination. We ca n see from following patterns of manifestation:reducing the number of poor people; slow ing down the degree of poverty. In addition, eliminating poverty concentrates on ultimate ly eliminating poverty, which is also the ultimate goal of return to poverty. We call "the b ehavior of the return to poverty process" as "poverty relief" throughout the process of our country’s return to poverty.The purpose of poverty relief lies on resolving the difficulties encountered in the de velopment in poor areas and their people, which is a social activity to help them upgrade the quality of life, and to improve the regional features. poverty relief is not very strange for us, because of the influence of natural and histo rical condition, large area of our country suffering a less development of economy for a1ong time, where people live under the line that they can afford themselves. However, wit hout doubt, it is not allowed to ignore the problem in China---a socialist country who is on the way of realizing "common prosperity"

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