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Comparative Research on the Chinese and Japanese's Concept of Marriage

Author ZhaoHui
Tutor QuanJingJi
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords Chinese and Japanese evolution men and women marriage crisis
CLC C913.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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There are deeply historical origins between China and Japan and intertwinedrelations in their culture. With changing times, their respective unique culture hasgradually formed, but there are still many similarities and differences betweenthem. Similarities and differences exist in the development and change ofmarriage concept, which shows that two countries influence each other and havebeen interpenetrating in their cultural development process and that theircommon cultural features are retaining and innovation.In the aspect of the development of marriage concept, the ancient Japaneseview of marriage was more influenced by Chinese culture. Two countries’culture has been influenced by many factors, such as the development of thetimes, transition of system, introduction of new ideas and conceptual change,thereby forming their respective marriage features. The core of marriage conceptin Japan is always around the view of family, which is different from the core ofChinese marriage concept that is always around the economic developmentdegree to measure the family happiness degree.Firstly, this paper comparatively analyzes the definition, connotation andfeatures of Chinese and Japanese marriage. This paper briefly describes theevolution process of marriage from ancient times to the present day, makespeople preliminarily understand the various evolved forms of marriage, andpoints out that the changes of marriage form bring the changes of marriageconcept. Next, this paper describes the effects of the evolution of marriageconcept, and analyzes the effects on men and women respectively. Finally, thispaper emphatically describes the divergences prone to occur between men andwomen in marriage concept and the marriage crises which are thereby caused,and analyzes the reasons for those marriage crises, whose factors include: the change of marital relationship, transformation of marriage structure, change ofmarriage quality, change of values, influence of foreign culture, and differencesin marriage between urban and rural areas. Then the reasons for Chinese andJapanese marriage crises are compared. This paper ultimately explains that thedifferences in marriage concept culture are not bound by traditional ideas, buthave been changing over the ages. The ultimate ideal in the generation anddevelopment of Chinese and Japanese marriage concept is stable and harmoniousfamily relations, civilized and positive marriage and family. The comparison ofChinese and Japanese marriage concept helps to deepen the understanding ofmarriage culture of two countries, which will be instructive to the youngergeneration. Understanding the true essence of marriage can make people knowwhat the really happy marriage is and enable people to inherit good culture.

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