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Study on Deng Xiaoping’s Social Thought

Author WangDan
Tutor ChenLei
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Deng Xiaoping Social Thought Social construction Harmonious society
CLC A849.16
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Deng Xiaoping’s Social thought is an integral part of Deng Xiaoping’s "socialism with Chinese characteristics". On the study of Deng Xiaoping Theory, the experts and scholars mainly focus on Deng Xiaoping’s political thought, economic thought, culture thought, but less on social thought. In fact, the social thought of Deng Xiaoping is also rich in content. It is found that the Deng Xiaoping’s social thought involves seven aspects, which are Deng Xiaoping’s social structure thought, social stratification thought, social problem thought, social control thought, social security thought, social development thought and social ideal thought. In which, the social structure thought and social stratification live in the foundation of Deng Xiaoping’s social thought; the social problems thought, social control and social security thought are the thoughts of logical and specific extension; the social development thought solves the problem that how society develops, and it is always throughout in the development of social thought of Deng Xiaoping, which is the center clues of Deng Xiaoping’s social thought; the social ideal thought reflects Deng Xiaoping’s ideals for the development of society in the primary stage of socialism, which occupies the highest level of Deng Xiaoping’s social thought. Deng Xiaoping’s social thought formed and developed in the process of building socialism with Chinese characteristics. Studying the main content of Deng Xiaoping’s social thought, grasping the inner logic of Deng Xiaoping’s social thought, revealing Deng Xiaoping’s social thought’s inheritance and development of Marxist social theory and expounding Deng Xiaoping’s social thought’s guiding role in China’s building a harmonious society, it is the significance of the study of Deng Xiaoping’s social thought.

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