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The Rural Teachers' Daily Life

Author JiangZuoRui
Tutor ZhouYan
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords Rural Middle-school Teacher Dilemma of Teachers Group DailyLife Spiritual World
CLC G525.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As advocating the balanced development of compulsory education, people paymuch more attention on rural education. However, the urban-rural dual structure’sexistence makes rural education attached to urban education’s development and even bemore backward in the process of catching up with the urban’s. Many researchers believethat the crux of backward rural education is owed to the poor quality and less quantity ofrural teachers. To understand fully the reason of rural education’s behindhand has animportant significance for improving its status quo. Based on the “daily life”, a researchperspective of phenomenology sociology, and taken teachers group of a rural middleschool as the research object, this study will discuss rural teachers’ existence state andanalyze rural teachers’ dilemma through dividing the daily life into three dimensions:school life, family life and community life. This study adopts the qualitative research. Asa case study on teachers group in a rural middle school, it not only draws on theexperience of anthropology fieldwork, but connects document analysis, the means ofinterview and observation.According to the survey of teachers’ life in the D middle school, family andcommunity, we found that the teachers’ vocational vitality of D middle school becomeweaker and weaker. Laking concern makes them in physical tired and spiritual pain. Asmarginals in village society, they can’t seek support in their spiritual world. Owing topoverty, they have to get away from their hometown. The rural teachers’ spirit fading isthe result of society, school and personal common effects. Low wage, low prestige andlow social status make them be impossible to perfect their profession. Furthermore, the unhumanized management of school makes them not feel humanistic care in their workwhich cause them lost career enthusiasm and drift themselves away the currentenvironment, their spiritual world to be in unconscious state. In the face of suchdifficulties, it needs to pay more attention to the rural teachers’ spiritual world and topromote their personality, which has important and practical significance to break therural teachers’ dilemma.

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