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The Research of Singing Teaching Strategy for Children

Author QinJianXun
Tutor HuangShaoZuo
School Northwest Normal University
Course Pre-primary Education
Keywords children singing teaching teaching strategies teachingmethods
CLC G613.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Singing is one of the most natural way for people to express and communicatetheir thoughts and feelings。 And also it is a means of children to expressthemselves’ thoughts. The activity of singing in kindergarten is an important part ofthe activity of kindergarten education. The singing activity of kindergarten is animportant form of the kindergarten art education. in the teaching activities of thesinging, which teaching means does teacher choice and use directly affect theteaching quality and effect. However, in the teaching practice, teacher’s choice anduse teaching means improperly. It makes kindergartens singing teaching quality is notvery good and it couldn’t play a fully role of the education of the singing teaching.Therefore, it is very necessary to make the research of the teaching methods ofsinging activity.This study adopts the convenient sample survey; choose our teachers of Lkindergarten as the research object to research their teaching activities. Author usingaction research method, through the observation of the kindergarten’s singingteaching activities and interviews of kindergarten teachers, combined with my10years of kindergarten teaching practice to analyzed and discussed teachers’ teachingmethods in kindergarten singing education.Study through analyzing the choose and use the teaching methods in activities,listen to the feeling and understand the lyrics, sing songs, performance to create linksin the kindergarten teaching activities and combining with case analysis, found someproblems in kindergarten teaching activities. These problems are teaching activities inkindergarten form is single, unable to stimulate children’s interest; teachers didn’tattach great important to feeling listening, the Way to learn the lyrics is mechanicaland repeating is lack of pleasure, Singing teaching is just repeated practice butignoring cantata fan to sing, Singing form is not enough rich and create activities wasoften neglected. These problems lead to kindergartens singing teaching quality is nothigh.Analyze these problems, author found that these are the direct reasons to causethe current kindergarten singing teaching quality is not very high. These reasons are the gap of the kindergarten teacher singing teaching idea and teaching behavior, thelack of teachers’ music theory knowledge and singing skills; teachers teachingmethods choosing and using is single, Rely too much on the piano and other modernequipment.Facing the actual situation in the teaching, it is the key to put forward thereasonable and effective teaching methods and strategies. So there are some wayscould promote children’s singing teaching quality, can play the value of singingteaching and promote the development of children’s ability. So only change teachers’teaching concept, narrow the gap between concept and behavior; Improve teachers’professional quality, create a good learning atmosphere; choose Suitable singingteaching material, pay attention to the secondary design and according to thecharacteristics of the songs and styles to choose the appropriate teaching methods.

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