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A case study of pupils' classroom problem behavior intervention

Author LiuYan
Tutor DongHuiQin
School Shandong Normal University
Course Education and management of
Keywords pupils-in primary school classroom behavior problems intervention
CLC G622.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Classroom is the main place of teaching and learning, and classroom communication is themain way of implementing quality education. However, in the real situation, there always existssome classroom problem behaviors to interfere our normal teaching and learning. Such behaviorshave a bad effect on the quality of our classroom teaching. Classroom problem behaviors inprimary school refer to the behaviors that are not appropriate in the class. Such behaviors affectthe rules and learning efficiency of a class badly. As a teacher in a primary school, I realize itsnegative influence on the development of students. And classroom problem behaviors willhinder the development of students’ study. In turn, it will trigger more problem behaviors. Inorder to improve our teaching quality, it is necessary to find out the reasons and try to interferethe problem behaviors. I sincerely hope that this research could help teachers to deal withclassroom problem behaviors.According to the current situation of research in combination with my own work, this studyselected three students of my own class as the research object, adopts literature analysis, casestudy, observation method, and the individual interview method to them for the investigation ofthe period of one year.During the study, I have analyzed the reasons of the cases of threestudents’ classroom problem behavior, and combined with the characteristics of three people totake intervention measures, and summed up the effective transformation strategy and suggestionsfor classroom problem behavior.Firstly,on the basis of previous studies, the concept of primary school classroom problembehavior is defined; to determine standards and performance of classroom problem behavior;discuss the negative effects of pupil’s problem behaviors. Secondly, this paper introduces threestudents’ behavioral expression in the classroom problem behavior, and attribution behaviorproblems, Xiaoyu is mainly in two aspects of individual physiological and psychologicaldevelopment lag behind and family environment impact on extraversion classroom problembehaviors; Xiaohao cognitive development imbalance makes his introversion problems; Xiaolandue to the psychological factors, poor learning strategies and family environmental impactclassroom problem behaviors, by a small and temporary classroom problem behaviors tolong-term trends. According to the attribution theory, I respectively from emotion, academic andparent-school cooperative formulate intervention measures. Finally, through case studies ofintervention, intervention strategies and suggestions are put forward:(1)preventive interventionstrategy mainly includes establishing good relationship between teachers and students、knowmore about the student demand、the behavior expected technology、encourage students、establishclassroom rules、regulate the classroom behavior of students, etc(2)Control intervention strategypackage main enclosed in a timely manner to encourage and strengthen the good behavior、choose the right way to eliminate the classroom problem behaviors、timely change teachingmethods.

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