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Research on the effectiveness of the high school mathematics classroom teaching

Author WangLiNa
Tutor LiWenMing
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Mathematic in Senior High School Classroom Teaching TheClassroom Effectiveness Strategies for Classroom
CLC G633.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of society, we expect higher accomplishment in self cultivation of mathematics. Besides learning about basic knowledge of mathematic, we aim at comprehensive development. Since the learning of mathematics in senior high schools plays an essential part in one’s whole life learning, and students mainly learn it in the classroom at school, the emphasis on studying mathematics lies in how efficient the class is; how the teacher teach, and how the students learn. Therefore, it is commanded that we enhance the efficiency of mathematic classes.Based on a lot of previous studies on classroom effectiveness, together with careful study about literature in this field from both aboard and at home, the author conducts a study on mathematic classroom effectiveness of senior high schools. The thesis firstly makes an introduction of its research background from two aspects:the current situation of the education of mathematics in China; the problems existing in the teaching of mathematics in senior high schools. Secondly, the author seeks to give definitions to concepts such as Effective teaching and Classroom effectiveness. Thirdly, the author makes a questionnaire about mathematic classroom effectiveness of senior high schools mainly concerning the following aspects:the influencing factors in mathematic classroom effectiveness of senior high schools; the strategies for improving classroom efficiency. To be specific, the author also analyzes the influencing factors to classroom effectiveness from three aspects:teacher, student and the environment. And she also puts forward strategies for both teacher and students on how to improving classroom effectiveness. In the view of the teacher, she should do as follows:i> Change the teaching philosophy and strengthen the concept of effective teaching; ii> Regard students’development as the primary goal and the starting point of education; iii> Relate knowledge with the practical lives; iv> Encourage students to take part in classroom activities; v> Involve teacher’s affective input; vi> Make students experience the sense of success in learning; vii> Not only teach students the specific knowledge, but also the approach to learning. In the view of students, they should do as follows:i> Erect their attitude towards learning; ii> Have a good command of learning methods; iii> Foster their interest in learning mathematics; iv> Preview effectively before classes; v> Take part in class activities positively and effectively; vi> Make a good use of the time after class.Finally, the author is willing to put forward some suggestions on improving the classroom effectiveness from social environment, school environment and family environment and some points that both teacher and students should put attention to. As for the teachers, they should pay more attention to such following points:ⅰ> Erect their teaching attitude; ⅱ> Clarify the important and unimportant knowledge in daily teaching; ⅲ> Concise the language to the point; ⅳ> Pay attention to classroom generation; ⅴ> Make the classroom questioning effective and meaningful; ⅵ> Emphasize teacher feedback. As for students, they should do better in the fowling points:ⅰ> Erect their attitude towards learning; ⅱ> Take part actively in class activities; ⅲ> Think initiatively; ⅳ> Enhance their learning ability. At the meantime, the author also does a test on classroom effectiveness on the bases of referring to other relevant articles and analyzes specifically two case studies of classroom teaching.The significance of this thesis is to explore the influencing factors of the effectiveness of mathematic classroom teaching in senior high schools, and then put forward some effective strategies to improve the effectiveness of mathematic classroom in senior high schools. Further speaking, the thesis aims to offer some practical suggestions for students’ full-round development and the effectiveness of quality-oriented education, so as to better guide mathematic teaching in senior high schools.

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