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Research on Justice Thought of Hu Jintao

Author LiangShengWen
Tutor ZhaoZhongXiang
School Hebei Normal
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Hu Jintao equity and justice harmonious society system construction
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Social equity and justice is thousands of years people seeking the ideal state of society, is important yardstick for measuring social civilization, social development and progress of the kind of value orientation. Since reform and opening in China made great achievements in economic and social development, people’s living standards are better off level, as the socialist market economic development and reform, social life, many of which led to the lack of social justice and social harmony.Also highlights the contradictions and problems, such as uneven development of urban and rural areas, a big gap between urban and rural development; unbalanced regional development, regional development gap between the obvious; unequal distribution of income gap between rich and poor; education is not fair, not fair starting point led to the development; social Security is not fair and unfair political participation and so on. The impact of China’s development is becoming a global, affecting major factor in building a harmonious society.Hu Jintao is in such a fair and just thinking of the social historical conditions. In addition, its formation also has the deep thought theory condition: In the China traditional culture fair just thought is the thought which it forms accumulates, the Western politics thinker’s fair just thought is the value enlightenment which it forms, the Marxism fair thought is the rationale which it forms, the Communist Party of China three generation of leader collective fair thought is the theory origin which it forms.The Hu Jintao fair just ideological content is rich.Persisted humanist, lets all people share the development achievement is its value orientation, only then persists humanist, can enable the social various aspects the benefit to obtain the properly coordination, the maintenance and realization social justice just, the reform development obtains various aspects achievement, can manifest is improving in unceasingly people’s quality of life and the health standard, manifests is improving in unceasingly people’s thought morals quality and the scientific cultural quality, manifests is fully safeguarding the economy, politics, the culture, the society which the people enjoy and so on in various aspects rights and interests, causes all people to share the reform development the achievement; Take the right fair, the opportunity fair, the rule fair, the assignment as its primary coverage, the right fair is fairly the social justice beginning, the opportunity fair is a social justice most important symbol, the rule fair is the social justice safeguard, the assignment fair is social justice and the just ideal target; Take properly deals with various aspects benefit relations as the core, only then the social benefit assigns justly, can cause between the social various social strata to realize the benign interaction, finally forms all members of different social classes to work according to ability, to unfold manager respectively, takes their proper place the society which but also is harmonious coexists; The fair just realization degree receives the economic society degree of development the restriction, is decided in the final analysis by the social productive forces level of development, therefore, the social productive forces full development realizes the society fair material base; The system is the social justice just basic guarantee, must take the system construction the realization society fair system safeguard.Hu justice thinking has important theoretical and practical significance. Realize and safeguard social justice, highlights the essential requirements of the socialist system, the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a major task; for a correct understanding of China’s current social justice have important practical significance. Realize and safeguard social justice, is to protect and maintain social stability, the practical requirements of building a harmonious society; is to implement the scientific concept of development, an important driving force to promote the scientific development; is to consolidate the party’s ruling status of the important guarantee.

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