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Research and practice of high school geography case guiding teaching mode

Author GuShuangFei
Tutor DanLiang
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords high school geography Learning Plan Guidance teaching model
CLC G633.55
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Currently most countries in the world pay much attention to education, especially in cultivating innovative talents, as the goal of building human resources in the country, but the existing education teaching mode prevalent incompatible with the future development needs of the problem. Although China has also proposed to achieve the modernization of education, the formation of a learning society, into the ranks of the country’s strategic goals of the rich human resources, but large class lectures, examination-oriented education and traditional classroom hindered the development of the students’ability to learn,"Good grades with poor capability", creativity lack, moral decline and a series of problems appared. Faced with these problems, the majority of educators have highly responsible attitude on the cause of education and a great deal of enthusiasm into the deepening of the new curriculum reform, exploring new teaching and researching the new modes that accord with education rules.In order to improve the efficiency of the classroom, and develop students’ ability to lifelong learning, learning plan guiding mode is boldly questioning traditional classroom teaching mode and change it with the new attemption, the purpose is to establish high school geography case guide teaching model, The search aimed at providing theoretical guidance to high school geography teachers and references and experience for the first teachers.The study have explored the composition and operation of the high school geography learning plan guidance teaching model, from the two perspectives of the "Student" and "guidance" in-depth study. Principle for the preparation of high school geography case, the preparation process, use requirements, part of specific issues such as elaborate system, combined with the detailed process of teaching practice design high school geography case Guidance proposed Multi-link teaching steps, proposed Guidance for classroom self-study, cooperative learning for different performance.This study adopts literature analysis, in a lot of reading pedagogy, psychology writings clarify pedagogy development context. The theoretical basis of the combination of the characteristics of the high school students to absorb "the zone of proximal development "," constructivism","multiple intelligences","hierarchy of needs","learning pyramid theoretical results, the case the guide as a high school geography teaching mode. Books and papers, and see a variety of educational mode enrich and refine the model. The study also taken observation and interviews, the purposes of performance observed in classes taught by student learning plan on teaching mode, and participate in the practice of other teachers in the classroom to understand the views of teachers and students, and constantly adjust their teaching strategies. To select experimental classes and reference classes, then take the learning plan guidance teaching mode and conventional teaching mode as experiments respectively. To contrast the changes and differences on study interests,attitude and grades of the experimental class with that of the reference class, then analyze the effectiveness and feasibility of high school geography teaching mode.

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