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Effective Implementation of the Junior Middle School Students Deological and Moral Teaching Mental Health Education Research

Author SaRuLa
Tutor AMingBuHe
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords junior middle school students ideological and moral course theimplementation of mental health education necessity the main way
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Strengthen the first mental health education, is the weakness of the psychological quality of the current middle school students, to further improve the psychological quality level, the implementation of quality education in the practical needs. Scientific research shows that psychological qualities more and more important in the overall quality of the structure of the future talent, optimistic, cheerful person’s aggressive and tenacious spirit plays an important role in the quality of individual psychology on the healthy growth and career success. China’s Contemporary adolescents are many excellent personality traits, but also the existence of a part of the Students’ Psychological Quality is not high, the individual’s psychological problems are more serious. According to the survey of our judicial experts of juvenile crime accounted for more than70%of all crime, including juvenile delinquency, accounting for more than70percent of juvenile delinquency. This has fully demonstrated that juvenile delinquency has become a serious social problem, an urgent need for early mental health education can effectively implement.To this end, the party and the country has made unremitting efforts. Ministry of Education clearly states:"Several Opinions on Strengthening the mental health education in primary and secondary schools, primary and secondary schools to conduct mental health education should pervade the whole process of school education. In recent years, juvenile crime had decreased in the number of trends, but criminal means and nature has become more serious. Ministry of Public Security statistics show that2009to2011the police arrested the suspects, dissatisfied with the18-year-old juvenile crime fell by11.4%. Ministry of Public Security spokesman Wu Hoping said:the first half of this year, juvenile crime members, especially members of the juvenile delinquency continues to rise momentum has been effectively reversed."In the nature of the crime, but the younger age groups, malignant trends. Juvenile delinquency is mainly concentrated in the theft, robbery, snatch and hurt of these four categories of crimes. Data published last year by the Ministry of Public Security show that up to92%in the12-15year-old young offenders, suspected of the above four categories of crime. Therefore, to this trend has been effectively reversed, must pay attention to mental health education from the minors congregate, to correctly analyze the psychological status and characteristics of secondary school students, and effective ways to help students to establish a mental health awareness, and enhance psychological adjustment and social adaptation, in order to achieve the purpose of effective implementation of mental health education.With the quality of education reform, youth mental health research was the increasing trend year by year, and has been involved in all ages and various groups. However, the number of papers on adolescent mental health education Stratification is small, less than one-third of the total. Young people is a large age span, the psychological stage of development than the obvious, a special group, and environment (physical environment, institutional environment, human environment, etc.) have an important impact on their mental health. Therefore, only the groups of young people to carry out specific, personalized, targeted layered research until a more thorough analysis of the problem find an effective way to solve the problem, teaching the last to achieve the desired effect.In this issue, the author based on their teaching practice and the actual survey, the use of the literature survey, case studies, questionnaires, practice research methods, a detailed analysis of the psychological characteristics and status of junior middle school students. Proceeding from this, made some, how to effectively implement the main way of mental health education on the first ideological and moral teaching. As follows:first, respect for the law of development of students’mental, moral education and mental health education; Second, build a good teacher-student relationship and pave the way for mental health education; Third, starting from the students’ psychological characteristics, the combination of psychological and educational factors in the excavated materials and analyze students’ psychological status quo; to inspire and mobilize the consciousness and enthusiasm of the students to make mental health education to get tangible results.

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