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Sports Information in Mass Media Effects on Middle School Students Participation in Sports Activities

Author LiuXuBing
Tutor HanMei
School Northwest Normal University
Course Humane and Sociological Science of Sports
Keywords mass media sports communication media sportsinformation middle school students sports influence
CLC G633.96
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of modern science and technology and theprogress of sports, mass communication is a very important social publicsector, it is the development of the whole society and progress continuouslyprovide a series of guiding significance to the public value, and maintain thepublic interests of the society a series of mass required in broader social spacein. Therefore, communication environment is the economic environment;political environment; cultural environment and the natural ecologicalenvironment, but also a very important social environmental factors, in thinkingabout all kinds of propositional growth, effects of sports communication on themiddle school students has become very deep.This paper mainly through the Xigu District of Lanzhou city high schoolstudents in the process of receiving the sports information on sports situationinvestigation statistics, combining with the research methods of literature,questionnaire survey method, mathematical statistics, logic analysis, analysisof the factors affecting the mass of students participate in sports activities ofthe various investigation and analysis and demonstration. The purpose of thisstudy, provides the reference for the physical education and sportscommunication workers work better; to provide some enlightenment for thedevelopment of school physical education and the middle school sportsteaching; and for the further research on mass sports communicationmechanism and guide students to participate in physical activities and providea theoretical basis; suggestions for combining sports dissemination and themiddle school sports education, through analysis and induction, draws thefollowing conclusion:1、Time and frequency of mass sports communication to participate insports activities of the Xigu District high school students have a positive effecton; have a certain impact on the choice of sports activities and projects ofmiddle school students.2、Mass sports communication of Xigu District high school studentsawareness of sports, arouse their interest in sports have a certain role in promoting. In addition, will also have a certain impact on students’ Sportsconsumption.3、 Xigu District high school students by means of mass sportscommunication conditions are relatively full, in the process of reading thesports information is the growth of knowledge, and by recreational sportsinformation culture’s interest in physical activities, has a high degree ofrecognition in the middle school students.4、The main way of Xigu District high school students sports informationthrough the media' dissertation">mass media is television, newspapers and the Internet, mobilephone. Most of the students get sports information communication helps tostimulate students interest in sports, to attract the students attention sportsinformation, and to promote physical activity.5、False reports of mass sports communication will affect the visualjudgment, to a certain extent, will have a negative impact on the middle schoolsports behavior, sports activities. At the same time, the media spread badsports information and field sports violence reported on middle schoolstudents’ sports values produced negative influence.Suggestions: Society and schools shall implement the media qualityeducation for middle school students, improve their ability of sportscommunication content; mass communication in the production program oropen columns, full consideration should be given to adolescent characteristicsand objective demand receiving sports information, to attract more students toparticipate in sport and exercise practice, in order to improve the students toactively participation in sports activities, cultivating the lifelong sportsconsciousness; increase investment, and create favorable conditions forstudents to more effectively access and use the media, promoting thepropagation mechanism of sports related product development quality.Physical education workers can be used as a supplementary means ofimplementing physical education using the media, improve the interest ofstudents in participating in sports activities, to cultivate the concept of lifelongsports.

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