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The Difference of the College Students' Political Psychology Research under the Network Perspective

Author SunZuoZuo
Tutor WuXianChao
School Wuhan University of Technology
Course Political Theory
Keywords Network College student Political psychology
CLC G641
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Today, the network has been in the college student population basically universal, it has become their everyday learning and integral part of life.For some time, study the influence of Internet on college students’ political psychology has become the research hot spot, but college students what Internet use habits will affect the political psychology, and network exactly what caused the different classes of college students political psychological differences, etc. The study also relatively rare.Therefore, this study from the political psychology of college students’ political cognition ","political emotion" and "political motives" three dimensions, with the political socialization theory in political science, social learning theory of behaviorism psychology and communication studies based on the theory of "culture" in trying to through the literature research and empirical research the research method of combining to explain the problem above.The concrete structure can be divided into five parts:The first part is the introduction, the author explained the background and the research related to the current research status, explains the concept of the custom of this research and the related theory has carried on the detailed elaboration, provides theoretical basis for research..Finally, this study design has carried on the system description.An empirical study of the second part analysis is the core of this study, mainly expounds the basic characteristics of the sample and the general and difference of present college students’ political psychology and static characteristics, and the college students’ political participation in the network and the reality of psychological also has carried on the contrast analysis, aims to describe and demonstrate the network use and the correlation of college students’ political psychological change and development, to justify the political influence of the network.Article third part mainly elaborates the use of the network in the process of college students’ political psychology characteristics of dynamic change and development, aimed at performance of the network environment from the time the related impact of political psychology.Due to college students’ political psychology also problems at present stage, therefore, based on the strong political influence of network media and exert a subtle influence on "culture", the article fourth part of the government of the relevant system construction and the cultivation of the school education work gives some targeted feasible suggestion, hope to be able to give full play to the government and schools together to jointly shape good political psychology of undergraduates.The fifth part is the conclusion part, the emphasis on the research conclusion of this article has carried on the system summary.In conclusion, the author thinks that, the network no matter for the college students’ political cognition, political emotion and political participation motivation plays an important role.First of all, the university student to the network for a long time use, tend to raise the level of their political cognition, to their political emotion also plays a role in "culture" cannot ignore. Second, College students are exposed to the network environment, as well as the environment of information tends to affect college students’ political cognitive level and political participation motives.

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