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College Students' Entrepreneurship Education Countermeasures

Author LongFei
Tutor YangChun
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords College Students Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Education
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of science and technology, Social development andeconomic globalization accelerated sharply. Today, Chinese need entrepreneurialspirit, innovation consciousness and cultivate entrepreneurial talent. Nationalcomprehensive strength and core competitiveness is the center of gravity of thegradually show the state of human resources development, deployment,configuration, and in the cultivation of ability and wisdom of scientific andtechnological achievements regulation ability, as well as the protection forintellectual property to possess, and skills. in2010, The ministry of education issueda "about to vigorously promote the innovation in institutions of higher learningentrepreneurship education and college students’ self-employment work opinion", Isasking the country to all colleges and universities for the formal implementation ofentrepreneurship education, college students, so to speak, is approaching the greatwave of entrepreneurship.China’s current economic system and education mode development presentsituation, Entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities has made someachievements, but also has many problems, influence the development ofentrepreneurship education and effects, the countermeasure research ofentrepreneurship education, is the time, is the direction of social development.Entrepreneurship education is a huge system engineering, this system is mainlycomposed of school education, college students themselves and the state governmentto form the three parts. The completion of the development of college students’entrepreneurship education needs the government and the social from all walks oflife give corresponding support in policy, fund, etc, and college students themselvesand the perfect combination of entrepreneurial ability and quality as the premise.Through in-depth analysis of the current entrepreneurship education existence question, systematically understanding and grasp the factors affecting thedevelopment of entrepreneurship education. In reviewing domestic and foreigndevelopment and change of entrepreneurship education and enlightenment, on thebasis of autonomous learning in school education and student unifies, the theoryeducation and practice education unifies, the principle of unifying the professionaleducation and entrepreneurship education, in view of the current college students’new characteristics and the construction of an innovative country needs, seek a roadto development of entrepreneurship education innovation. Finally, exploratory putforward the development countermeasures of entrepreneurship education under thenew situation, and hope to be able to take this opportunity to in order to furtherimprove entrepreneurship education, cultivate students’ innovative spirit andentrepreneurial ability, beneficial contribution for constructing a creative country.

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