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Research on the sports behavior of private college students in Wuxi City

Author LiWangDa
Tutor WangLin
School Yangzhou University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords Sports attitude sports behavior correlation dimension
CLC G648.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With nearly10years continuously reform and innovation of school-running mode in colleges and universities, private colleges and universities in our country has a successive and steady development. According to incomplete statistics, so far our country has more than1400private colleges, students has reached nearly5million, it can be seen that the rapid development of private colleges and universities played a very important role in institutions of higher learning education system in our country. Therefore, based on private colleges and universities primarily funded by non-state financial funds, and rely mainly on social educational model, study the private colleges students’ sports behavior, to improve the private colleges students sports behavior and give suggestions or opinions is very meaningful. If we study sports behavior,we must study sports attitude.Because people’s psychological activity and behavior are connected. But sometimes psychological activity and behavior are not coordinated, for example, someone who has good sports attitude does not necessarily has good sports behavior,and someone who has bad attitude may has good sports behavior individual behavior is not only influenced by internal factors such as psychological activity, and is also affected by surrounding environment, the practice in the day after tomorrow and other external factors. Sports attitude’s internal structure is very complex. This paper aims to study students’ sports attitude and sports behavior current situation, improves the sports attitude and sports behavior,and gives some appropriate suggestions to students of private colledges in WuXi.It also study whether students’sports attitude and sports behavior is relevant,and put forward appropriate recommendations for private colleges’sports education in WuXi city.This paper chooses1493students in5private colleges as research object, uses the literature material law, questionnaire survey method, mathematical statistics, logic analysis and interview method to study student’s sports attitude and behavior, and study whether the students’sports attitude and sports behavior has strong correlation.Research conclusions:1The students of private colledges in WuXi,their sports attitude is dominated by sports cognition, sports emotion, sports behavior of three dimensions.2The majority of students’ sports attitude pass the above, the overall situation is relatively good. Boys’sports attitude is better than girls’sports attitude; Urban students’sports attitude is better than rural students’ sports attitude.Fresh men’s sports attitude is best, senior year students’sports attitude is worst.3On the sports cognition dimension:boys’ sports cognition is better than girls’sports cognition;urban students’ is better than rural students’;The junior’s sports cognition is best,freshmen’s sports cognition is the worst.4On the dimension of sports’ emotional experience,there’s no significant difference between urban and rural students,boys and girls; First-year and junior students’sports emotion is best, sophomore and senior students’sports emotion is a bit poor.5From the point of sports behavior dimensions, boys’ and girls’ point of sports behavior has no significant difference; Urban students’point of sports behavior is better than rural students’; Sophomore students’ point sports behavior is best, the senior year students’ is worst.6Students’ exercising times per week, exercise time situation is relatively good; But the school sports facilities, especially the facilities in emerging sports still remains to be further improved, the main reason for the students’ dissatisfaction on playground is that there’s too little playground.7The city of WuXi’s private colleges’ sports teaching conditions remains to be further improved, it should be further improved in teaching mode, teaching organization form, teaching methods and students’achievement evaluation method.8The first factor in students’sports behavior is the external pressure, the second factor is the training partner.9The city of WuXi’s private colleges’ students’ sports attitude and sports behavior has significant correlation, the students’ sports attitude and sports behavior is basic consistent.

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