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Research on Tour Guide Occupation Ability Cultivation Based on Cognitive Apprenticeship

Author ChengLin
Tutor LiuLiHua
School Shenyang Normal
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords the tour guide occupation ability cognitiveapprenticeship higher-order thinking ability cultivate
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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With the continuous development of society, tourists’ motive of differentiation,diversification and individuation, the tour guide professional ability put forward higher and morepersonalized requirements. How to narrow the gap between the tour guide professional abilitytraining and tourism actual demand, the tourism professional teachers are facing a big challenge,the application of cognitive apprenticeship in the tour guide occupation ability education, willeffectively promote students tour guide occupation ability training effect.Work with complex and changeful, independence is strong, the tour guide is mind and bodyhighly integrated and correlation degree is high, is the collection application and practice in theintegration of tourism specialized technology post, so in its own abilities have higherrequirements. This study is to train student guide vocational ability as the goal, to cultivatestudents’ high-order thinking ability as the core, the introduction of cognitive apprenticeship inthe tour guide occupation ability training, through the reform of the teaching methods, designedto optimize the existing guide’s personnel training mode, improve the tour guide occupationability training level. First, through to the tour guide professional ability both at home and abroadand the theory of cognitive apprenticeship collecting and combing the literature, writing theliterature review, on the macro to thoroughly understand and grasp; next, the application ofcognitive apprenticeship applicability and feasibility of promoting professional ability of tourguide is analyzed; again, applied the method of literature analysis and questionnaire surveyresearch, build up the occupation ability of tour guide system, the ability of innovation in theperspective of content, the tour guide occupation ability can be divided into occupation ability,method ability, social ability and individual characteristics from four aspects. Invite experts andusing Delphi questionnaire scores for the system, and through the calculation of weight came tothe conclusion that the occupation ability and social ability is the key factor to measure tourguide occupation ability. In order to further understand the present status of the tour guideoccupation ability, consult occupation ability of tour guide system, combining the theory ofcognitive apprenticeship, design title for the tour guide occupation ability present situation anddevelop the questionnaire. Questionnaire recovery after using SPSS17.0, statistical analysis ofthe data found that students’ guide are lower overall professional ability, occupation ability and method of ability to ascend, found in the training course, lack of practice, hope to get lessexperienced tour guides or professional teachers help’s problem, such as to raise theirprofessional ability; finally, in under the guidance of the theory of cognitive apprenticeship, putforward a clear guide talents training goal of the professional ability of role positioning, and isconducive to the professional ability training of teaching concept, build the tour guideprofessional ability training the basic structure of it, create the basic structure and cognitiveapprenticeship supporting way of teaching evaluation and optimization of cognitiveapprenticeship basic structure to implement the security condition of countermeasures andsuggestions.

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