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The Village and in the Rural Areas in the Perspective of Construction of Team of Basic Level Cadre

Author YanXin
Tutor LiuYunSheng
School Hebei Normal
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords higher vocational students ideological and political education education countermeasure
CLC F325.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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College students are the future of our country and they are the most important human resource for our country development. The college students’maturity has a great effect on our country’s prosperity and strength. And they also impact on sustainable development for our country’s future.After 2010, professional colleges start to take in post-90s students who were born in 1990s. With it, post-90s is very popular as a new word in our country. They start to be the main roles in the colleges instead of post-80s. Post-90s will be the main force and successors for China development. Therefore, to enhance and improve ideological and political education of professional colleges’students is very important for harmonious society and integrated development of professional education.In the integration of world economy、cultural diversity and social complexity of today, there are so many changes in the developing environment of professional college students, which can influence their mindset、manners and value orientation. But the management style of professional colleges is not suitable for the development of professional colleges and students, Therefore, to identify and hold the population characteristics of professional college students, research the new ideas and ways to suit the development of professional colleges is very significative for harmonious society and development of professional education.At first, I introduce the background, purpose and significance of the research, including main idea and methods. This part also elaborates differences of professional students between university students, and the differences of post-90s between post-80s students. Then, my thesis includes four parts. The first part introduces growing environment of professional students. The second part analyzes their characteristics. The third part is to analyze and find the causes during ideological and political education of professional college students. In the forth part, I purposely propose the idea and measures for improving management of college students. In this part, I also analyze the principles which emphasize human and moral education from four aspects, including management of education idea, management of education system, methods of education management and human resource of education management. And finally I propose systematic management methods and innovation ways as reference, trying to find more proper management ways to fit for professional college students.

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