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Students carry out research on the current situation and Countermeasures of Wushu Teaching in Colleges and universities of Shanghai

Author ChengXinQuan
Tutor QiuRui
School Yangzhou University
Course Physical Education Teaching
Keywords Shanghai University International Students Martial arts teaching
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The main purpose of this study:to investigate the status quo of Shanghai college students to carry out martial arts, martial arts classes for the of Shanghai Colleges of students provide a theoretical basis, to facilitate promote foreign development of the martial arts, to meet their own needs, to enhance their physical and mental health.The main research methods used in this study of literature, questionnaire and expert interviews; rely on students teaching theory, Sport Pedagogy, martial arts theory, pedagogy and psychology literature, students martial arts teaching status quowere investigated. Through the survey found its problems, and in accordance with the proposed countermeasures.(1) To investigate AnalysisCognitive Approach to the survey:The results showed that the Shanghai region71.8%of the college opened all forms of martial arts teaching. The awareness of students of martial arts entertainment premise the cognitive has a one-sidedness. Therefore, the promotion of martial arts groups of students according to cognitive differences, select the appropriate channels, to ensure cognitive science, a complete picture of the charm of the martial arts.Students martial arts teaching content survey:this stage of Shanghai Universities, students opened martial arts teaching content to meet the basic needs of the students, the implementation of the teaching content to promote the physical and mental health of students for the purpose, in order to stimulate students’interest as the core, selected according to the learning needs of studentsteaching content, to ensure the smooth implementation of the teaching content. Through the survey found, the change of the needs of the students of the martial arts with some regularity. For example, Asian students of traditional martial arts and qigong, tai chi and greater interest; European students have a greater interest in the traditional martial arts and competition routine; Students from the Americas, Africa is more love Wushu Sanshou fighting project. In addition, students’ education and want to learn martial arts also have some differences, the higher the educational level the more inclined to choose a martial arts project with rich cultural connotation. And there was no significant difference of gender on the choice of teaching content.Evaluation system survey:the detection and monitoring of teaching evaluation system, seriously lagging behind, a single evaluation method, and the system is imperfect, through the survey found students martial arts teaching evaluation system is in the initial stage, there are many issues need toresolved.(2) Countermeasures. Based in part on the findings of the martial arts teaching status quo of college students in Shanghai, is from the horizontal elements of the longitudinal development law of multi-angle, multi-level analysis of the structure of the students martial arts teaching system.Educational purposes:at this stage, foreign students martial arts teaching situation is a bit confusing, there is no clear educational purpose can be followed, the study suggests that the formulation of the aims of education to the essence of martial arts, the characteristics of the students, the level of social development and martial arts international trendsas the basis, and be tested and corrected in the teaching process.Curriculum building:the development of educational purposes to the construction of the course, the student’s martial arts course construction in its infancy at this stage, martial arts classes in the teaching process single structure, simple in form, can not meet the needs of international students. The re-definition for martial arts classes students, course structure, toward the level; diversified development provides a basis for future student’s martial arts classes.Teaching materials:textbooks play a crucial role in the teaching process, the study by the survey interviews, literature review, and the preparation of recommendations based on the demand of the students to learn martial arts and various schools according to their actual situation, the organization compiled based teaching materialsfully integrated schools and social resources.Teaching evaluation:The teaching evaluation, the evaluation system should include why the evaluation, assessment, teaching them how to monitor and correct the study to determine the evaluation objectives, design evaluation, as well as reviewing and assessing the effect of initial construction of thestudents martial arts evaluation system, which has practical significance to promote the development of students martial arts teaching evaluation system.In full-time students martial arts teacher training:This study suggests that China’s colleges and universities, especially sports institutions should strengthen the cultivation of students martial arts teachers, students set martial arts professional and the professional teacher professional implementation of the International Student martial arts teacher qualification system to meet the communityneeds.Students spread the art in the way:The study proposed a variety of martial arts videos according to the different needs of different countries or regions of the martial arts form of design and construction of corresponding martial professional website, the Internet as a bridge to facilitate the promotion of the martial arts, accelerate the construction of the martial arts market-orientedpromotion model, students meet the learning needs of the martial arts to maintain a good momentum of development.

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