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Investigation of the Grade Level Criteria for the Basketball Ability of College Students

Author LiHanChen
Tutor SunZuoZuo
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords College student Basketball ability Grade level criterion
CLC G807.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Basketball is an important part of the public sports and competitive sports withbroad mass base. Teenagers are the reserve force of this sport, whose basketballability has profound influence in the overall level of Chinese basketball. They are inthe fast development period of physical quality and basic basketball ability, thus,basketball teaching process and the teaching effect monitoring have importantmeaning. Basketball teaching includes many aspects, such as teaching method,teaching conditions as well as teaching process and effect evaluation. The evaluationof teaching depends on testing and observation. Therefore, accurate and timelyevaluation of basketball teaching could help the coaches assess students’ learningsituation and adjust his teaching strategy.Research purpose: Investigation of the grade level criteria for basketball ability isan important part of college teaching, training as well as teaching evaluation.Basketball is a team game which is totally different in evaluation comparing withtrack and field, gymnastics project. This paper set stands for physical quality, basicability and rating standard.Research methods: this paper combines a serious of research methods, includingthe literature material method, the expert interview method, questionnaire surveymethod, test method and mathematical statistics method. We aim to develop students’interest for basketball, stimulate the enthusiasm of students to participate in physicaltraining and form long-term physical exercise habits, which in turn to improve theteaching effect of basketball course. The object of this study is college students’basketball athletic ability rating standards. We randomly selected80college students from basketball class for test, their basketball athletic abilitythe grade level criteria for their basketball ability are reasonably analyzed based onphysical quality evaluation, quantitative evaluation and basketball ability evaluation.Conclusions: we analyze the test data for each test projects and make evaluationstandards, defined level criterion. Three levels, including primary, secondary, tertiary,are defined from high to low according to the athletic ability of college students (toplevel is primary, bottom level is tertiary). According to the basketball specialcharacteristics and the actual situation of college physical education curriculum,basketball athletic ability evaluation standard includes two aspects: quantitativeevaluation standard and skills evaluation. After several rounds of repeated test to therandomly selected basketball students and discussion with experienced basketballteachers, we conclude that students with primary level of basketball ability should berated as outstanding, these with the second ability of basketball level should be ratedhigher than good, these who can pass the test belongs to the third basketball.According to the test results and actual situation, students with a score above90out of100belong to the first level, the score criterion for the second level is75, and60is thescore criterion for the third level. This thesis study and define the test methods andevaluation criterion, which is determined after repeated discussion with relatedexperts and tests using the principle of statistics. This test method is suitable forcharacteristics and practical level college students in basketball elective courses,therefore, can be used as grade level criterion for college students’ basketball ability..

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