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Research on the Physical Form and Static Balance of Female Aeroies Athletes

Author WuLei
Tutor YuanWeiJia
School Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports
Course Physical Education Teaching
Keywords Aerobics body shape balance weight distribution synchronization
CLC G831.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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For competitive sports, the balance is the basis for human action to ensure the completion of one, especially in those that emphasize maintaining body posture and motor coordination of the project, a strong balance the level of training athletes to play to complete the technical movements the fundamental requirement. Aerobics require the body posture has a very good control, so aerobics athlete must have a strong balance, but the domestic competitive bodybuilding athletes balance body morphology and aspects of theoretical research still relatively weak, the lack of systematic theoretical foundation.In this study, Using the Tetrax test instrument, we have tested the static balance ability of aerobics group and as a special reference control group in order to understand the different levels of competitive bodybuilding athletes static balance the relationship between indicators, combined with morphological indicators test, of women Aerobics athletes morphological characteristics and static balance, and the relationship between the two, with a view to teaching and training-related research and provide a theoretical basis and recommendations for the functional evaluation of athletes to provide a reference, while Tetrax testing in the balance application for reference.Result:The Achilles tendon length, tension circumference, thigh circumference and calf circumference are marked different between Athlete group and the normal group; The C%of aerobics group was significantly higher than controls under PO, HL, HB and HF(p<0.05); Under PC and HL, D%of controls was significantly higher than aerobics group (p<0.05); Under NO. HL. HB and HF, HEEL of aerobics group was significantly higher than the control group (p<0.05); Under HF, the AC of aerobics group was significantly higher than controls (p<0.05); Under PC and HF, the AD of controls was significantly higher than aerobics group (p<0.05); Under PO, the ST of controls was significantly higher than aerobics group (p<0.05); Height and ST, the Achilles tendon length and AC, Thigh and ST, and AC calf circumference were significantly associated with.Conclusion:(1) Excellent form of substantial competitive Jianmeicaodui member of the lower limb than upper limb muscle strength requirements, and requires a good jumping ability.(2)The aerobics group have better body weight distribution and vestibular function than the control group. Compared with aerobics group, the weight distribution of control group indulges in the toe.(3)The heel-heel synchronization positive and heel-toe synchronization negative of aerobics group are better than controls, representing a fine-tuned control of the upright position.(4)ST analysis shows that when the proprioception is limited, the stability of aerobics girls was significantly better than controls.(5)The higher the height of competitive bodybuilding athletes, the general stability of the worse; longer the Achilles tendon, calf circumference larger, better synchronization of left and right heel, left heel of the synergy that is possible; Thigh larger, more general stability good. Suggestions:(1) aerobics moves, there are many actions need to rely on good vestibular function to complete, such as aerobics in addition to relying on the rotating action to make the body muscular strength quickly Shoulong, concentrated focus, and eliminate the inertia produced by rotating centrifugal force, but also in the process of rotation depends on the vestibular organ to the body to maintain balance, otherwise not be able to smoothly complete the action and there will be danger of falling. Vestibular function is so good aerobics actor must have a quality selection of sports can be used as one of the items.(2) the proposed height and center of gravity into account the contradiction between stability, relatively light to medium build and weight were appropriate.

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