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Chinese and Foreign Men S Basketball Teams in Different Physical Conditions Outside the Comparative Study on the Attack Technique

Author LiuBin
Tutor YaoWeiGuo
School Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports
Course Sports Training
Keywords Chinese and foreign men’s basketball team Body to fight Perimeteroffense technology
CLC G841
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Basketball project is in direct confrontation with rivals, both in the game of offensive and defensive process, both parties is to be in more direct physical contact completes action.This paper USES literature data method, questionnaire survey, video analysis on the16th world basketball championship brigade in China for six games outside the main attacking technology and team USA quarter of a pair of Lithuania perimeter data comparison, the following conclusions:(1) Twice in competition, the games2points, strong against ball shot at or near60%, both in limiting zone physically have attempted unusually fierce; Shooting three-pointers, China brigade strong against and times accounted for strong against shots, opposition only52.8%61.5%. China is in the interference of outside shot than rivals.(2) China significantly lower shots opponent,2points shots and rival gap ball is bigger; And China obviously low proportion inside shooting outside shot high proportion.2point shooting, the two sides, but in shooting quite shots and scoring rival gap is obvious; Strong against shooting are basic and same, shots and hit number are obviously lower than rivals; Times against shooting and weak against strong, China brigade of shooting percentage is higher than shots opponent, just less, scoring is still less than rivals. Shooting three-pointers, China brigade shots more, far above the opponents, but with opponent field-goal disparity between rival, scores and flat; Both sides heated confrontation shots are small, but China is obviously higher than rivals, shots Times stronger against shots than rival China, shooting but less than rivals; Weak against both shots or shooting below opponents, rival gap obvious.(3) Rebounds for very fierce. Both sides in the fierce body against the rebounding snatching accounted for all times over70%of the total number of rebounding. The team in the competition for the rebounding still disadvantage. The body fight, China in attack on rival rebounding, and there is a disparity between the body was in fierce fighting is caught,69.5%is only in the fierce rivals against grab; Defensive rebounding opponent China and is not obvious, but the gap is still less than rivals. (4) China team in the body against preach, yun. ball technology is poorer; Break-through less number, successful rate is low. Dribbling ability of anti-disturbance in poorer, defenders in rival oppression type is tackled and mistakes dribble many times; When preach, time and location of the ball passes poor choice, target was too obvious, many opponents roumania. error more; Breakthrough success rate obviously less than rival, often also lower than rivals. China brigade overall fundamentals not solid.(5)The body fight between China and teams in all data gap is obvious, can see all China and has a great gap; the top-ranked teams in the world And weak teams of data gap between is not obvious, but the number of insider strong against shooting scores and offensive rebounds, etc, and some important data still trailing more. Between China and the weak teams that still is in the same level, even as rival. China team in this level to cross step forward is very difficult.(6) China brigade made whole strong ability of foul shots, breakthrough, especially in the aspects of the free-throw scores can cause fouls maker less.(7) close shooting and mid-range shots of China to rate is low, especially close the gap with opponent shooting percentage is bigger; Shooting rival flat. Long-range shooting ratio, high umemployment shooting rival gap is bigger.(8) Yao,Yi in China have very core role. Multiple data showed that the quantity of yao in the team has accounted for more than30%-40percent. This kind of yao’s over-reliance on. direct restricted the other players level, but also to raise the level of collectively.

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