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Henan province university sports of volleyball team of Graduate Research - adaptability to 2005-2008 level professional graduates as investigation object

Author ZhangYongLiang
Tutor LiangCheng
School Sichuan Normal University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords the athletics The volleybal lelective class Professional adaptability Special teaching reform
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This paper use the methods such as literature method, survey method, select fourcolleges and universities in henan province during2005-2008the athletics volleyballelective class graduates, etc. As the research object, investigates theirprofessional adaptability analysis, to explore the influence factors of theprofessional adaptability, the research and puts forward strengthening the volleyballelective class professional adaptability of countermeasures and Suggestions.Fasten on the analysis of the questionnaire shows that colleges and universitiesin henan volleyball elective graduate professional fitness is generally poor. Furtherresearch shows that the factors that affect graduates professional adaptabilityinclude: social factors, mainly reflected in the proofreading of primary and secondaryschools in henan province volleyball teachers’ quality and ability demand is higherand higher. School factors, the athletics volleyball elective class teaching stillfocusing on the technique teaching, volleyball elective class teaching content, goal,evaluation system already can’t keep up with the requirement of era development.Family factors, family income, background and parents education to a large extentaffect the learning attitude of the students in volleyball elective class, becomeaffect students’ adaptability to the recessive factors that cannot be ignored. Studentfactors, most of the volleyball elective class of students is influenced by society,indulged in during the period of school part-time to earn money and the so-called“social practice”, the school as a sideline, learning enthusiasm is not high,learning attitude is blundering, poor academic ability.According to the situation of graduates of professional adaptability in recentyears, combining the need for primary and secondary school teachers to the volleyballin henan province and reference for other colleges and universities the athleticsvolleyball elective course system of some experience, put forward to enhance collegestudents’ adaptability to advice:(1) The volleyball elective class talent training target: the undergraduatecourse of volleyball elective class should adhere to the “to be able to work in theprimary and secondary school physical education teachers” talented persons trainingtarget is not shaken, cultivate students with basic ability in primary and secondaryschool physical education teachers, and on this basis, enable students to master thesimilar across the network class teaching ability of the project, as well as thecomprehensive knowledge structure, comprehensive quality and ability is strong,suitable for social requirement of mastering many skills while specializing in sportstalents. (2) The teaching content reform, highlight the volleyball movement for elementaryand middle schools sports methods and ways of the new standard of the teaching content;Highlighted by means of volleyball extracurricular activities guidance ability ofthe teaching content; Highlight the basic ability of elementary and middle schoolsphysical education teachers teaching content; Increasing proportion of trainingcomprehensive ability of the teaching content; According to the projectcharacteristic, develops the content of sports skill teaching, mastering many skillswhile specializing in one.(3) The reform of teaching mode, learning mode, practice mode: according to theproject characteristic, the experiment with wide technology teaching mode, expandthe sports skill teaching content. Create conditions to try “two”a camp capacityextension mode, achieve mastering many skills while specializing in one; Deepeningby the traditional learning to expand sex, creative learning, autonomous learning“three transformation”; Improve the ability of the “five practice”aprogressivetraining routines, increase proportion of cultivation professional adaptability ofteaching contents; Practices a system of supervisor is responsible for the electiveclass of teachers arrange students spare time training technology, strengtheningstudents’ professional technical ability, avoid the elective classes less situationcauses students to technology level backward.(4) The evaluation system reform, new train of thought according to specialisein the volleyball teaching content reform, perfect set in the inspection method,increase the demand for students’ comprehensive ability.(5) The formation of schools and social benign interaction, broaden the way tocultivate talents, establish a system, an open, flexible training mechanism, widenthe way to cultivate talents. Building units, schools, students of combining thecultivation mechanism, regular communication with unit of choose and employ persons,timely understanding of previous graduates employment situation, according to thefeedback information timely adjust the training objectives and teaching content, toadapt to the demand of the society.

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