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Analysis of Laiwu City, the investigation of the current situation and Prospect of football

Author LiJingYing
Tutor LiuTao
School Shandong Normal University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords mass football status prospect analysis
CLC G843
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Football has the most extensive fans in the world. According to statistics, thereare33-35million football fans around the world, around every corner of the world,called the world’s first sport. Playing football kingdom of Brazil, Argentina, people allover the streets, basically everyone has their own team, regardless of the result is goodor bad, all think that their team is the best, so far as to say that football is like areligion’s popularity.Football with its unique glamour attracted numerous fans. Although Chinesefootball level and the football world powers, there is a big gap between but Chinadoes not lack of fans, According to a Brazilian main sports economic consultingcompany Pluri statistics report published in July2013, according to the bundesliga toaveraging42646spectators at the top, the Chinese super league2012seasonaveraging18740living in Asia for the first audience. And the field of Hengda andGuoan home fans number is more than40000. This and the Chinese super leagueteams invest heavily in the past two years, are the introduction of big-name players,Especially Drogba and Anelka, Keita, Conca superstars in the Chinese super league,bring a big boost for the market. In the case of state team underachievement, stars inthe Chinese super league to ignite the passion of the Chinese fans again. From theaspects of number of fans, we have a solid fan base, but not many really involved inthe play, It shows that we are in the football development there are still manydeficiencies, How to drive the fan from like to actively participate in the play, forminggood football atmosphere is we face a big problem. From relatively football in termsof population, Our country has a population of1.3billion, CSL is averaging18740number compared with the German market with a population of just80million, butthe number of fans is very thin. It shows that we are in the popularity of football hasdone is not enough. Grassroots football, the football is a "pyramid" of thedevelopment of the national football base, Only the football foundation is solidenough to form a good atmosphere, to attract more people to participate in soccer, agrowing number of teenagers also would like to play football, We can have enough reserve talented person to select from, the gap between Chinese football and the worldfootball will gradually narrowed.Based on the participation of the mass sport in Laiwu city20teams as theresearch object, By the method of documentation, questionnaire investigation,interview method, mathematical statistics method to participants and organizers of themasses in Laiwu city football has carried on the investigation and analysis, Throughthe sorting, analysis, induction, summary, looking for the masses in Laiwu cityfootball the problems existing in the development process, For the healthy and orderlydevelopment of the football in Laiwu city to provide certain theoretical basis. In theearly stages of thesis preparation for data collection and retrieval, did not find relevantliterature about football in Laiwu city, this paper also has certain exploringsignificance.Through investigation and study, found that football in Laiwu city is developingrapidly in recent years, with the city sports bureau, the city football associationresponded to an appeal by the national fitness every year, at about eleven system,make the game. For football fans to participate in enthusiasm, there are many amateurteam. The team internal personnel from all walks of life; Age distribution between18to45years old, young and middle-aged primarily; Participants in the college degreeor above accounted for the majority, They thought is active, contact with the morenew things, the pursuit of quality of life; Teams around each other during theweekends, promoted the communication. At the same time, because of organizationmanagement system is not sound, can’t keep up with the speed of the footballdevelopment appeared a series of problems, such as, low social awareness, lack offunding sources; Hardware facilities is insufficient, less space; The team personnelfluidity big, lack of system of organization and management; In the game and do notobey the referee just called a penalty, the fight phenomenon; Form a single, etc.Countermeasures against a series of problems, analyzes the prospect, for the healthyand orderly development of the football in Laiwu city to provide certain theoreticalbasis.

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