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Study of world badminton "ecological imbalance" impact on China's badminton sustainable development

Author KongMingMin
Tutor LiuQing
School Chengdu Institute of Physical Education
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords world badminton ecological imbalance sustainable development impact study
CLC G847
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Badminton in China has made remarkable achievements in recenttwo decades while world badminton---the external environment changes. Worldbadminton faces the crisis of "ecological imbalance", which has become a world majorissue of survival and development of the sport. It has a huge impact on sustainabledevelopment of Chinese badminton.Starting with an ecological perspective, this article analyze the effects of worldbadminton "ecological imbalance" on the sustainable development of Chinesebadminton and the countermeasures based on dissipative structures, law of limitingfactors, ecological niche and other related theories. The study finds that worldbadminton has an ecological niche displacement, imbalance of ecological areasdevelopment, competitive level imbalance and the problem of lagging behind the socialand economic development. Far exceeding the self-regulating capacity, the worldbadminton ecosystem shows an "ecological imbalance".The paper also finds that it is able to explain the internal law of world badmintonecosystem with the related ecological theories because the world badminton has thesimilar ecological attribute and developing trend as well as general ecosystems. It issuggested that the influence of "ecological imbalance" on the sustainable developmentof Chinese badminton is:(1) result in lower badminton competition intensity andornamental value, badminton in Olympics at risk and restricting the development ofbadminton in China;(2) lead to the appearance of Chinese "overseas legion", and theChinese niche in the world badminton ecosystem changes. Summarizing the reasons ofworld badminton "ecological imbalance", especially the limiting factors such as lessadvanced commercialization and professionalization of world badminton, the researchsuggests that we need to study the influence of world badminton "ecological imbalance"on Chinese badminton more comprehensively and dynamically because the worldbadminton ecosystem is in constant motion from balance to imbalance; we need toexplore the opportunities in the crisis to seize the turning point of revolution, changeideas and the way of developing, adjust accordingly by using the dissipative structure,change the Chinese niche in the ecosystem, shoulder the responsibility of promoting theglobal badminton culture, accelerate the commercialization and professionalization ofworld badminton and advance the new order of world badminton ecosystem.

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