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The Research of Microwave Yechnology for Detecting Mixed Liquid Components

Author MaYao
Tutor DuanZiHua
School Taiyuan University of Technology
Course Chemical Process Equipment
Keywords microwave detecting technology dielectric constant log mag re-turn loss liquid components
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The control the mixture composition content is especially important for in-dustrial enterprises. People have to strict control the lubricating oil composition in factory. Lubricating oil aging or contaminated, the polarity of the oil molecu-lar particle content’s change, will directly affect the transmission device of the quality and the life of the transmission parts; Food Industry should strict control each component content in products, such as dairy and wine industry. Each composition’s change of material in the process will have an affect on the whole process whether can safe run or not, even affect the quality of the products. At present, methods used for determination of mixed liquid components include method of specific gravity, density bottle method, refractive index method. In addition, it includes single-chip microcomputer combined with peripheral circuit measurement, capacitance measurement method, and so on. Method of specific gravity has a simple instrument and it is easy to operate, but the complicated calculation leads a bigger error. Density bottle method is relatively mature, but it is strict with external conditions and not suitable for volatile mixture. Sin-gle-chip microcomputer combined with peripheral circuit and capacitance mea-surement method have a high precision measurement but it is high cost and hard to operate. To overcome defects of conventional methods, in this paper, based on microwave technology,a new method for detecting mixture components is discussed.Microwave detection technology as a new technology is having more peo-ple’s attention. It is widely used in the construction, structure, etc. The funda-mental principle of microwave detection is the comprehensive utilization of mi-crowave interaction with matter.On one hand, In the discontinuous interface, microwave may occur reflection, scattering and transmission; On the other hand, microwave can also interact with tested substance. At the same time, microwave will be under the influence of electromagnetic parameters and geometric pa-rameters of the material.In this paper, theoretical and experimental research is carried out with mi-crowave detecting technology applied to the identification of mixed liquid components. After that, we put forward a new method detecting mixed liquid components based on microwave technology. The current situation and the de-velopment of mixed liquid components detection technology is described in the beginning. In the second place, this article illustrates the properties of the mi-crowave, the microwave transmission characteristics and working principle of microwave components, the interaction mechanism of microwave with matter. Based on the principle of microwave, detection of mixture experiment scheme is designed. Then, we set the microwave detection experiment platform according to the experimental steps with microwave detection. With the microwave detec-tion experiment done, we draw three conclusions:(1) Carrying out microwave detection For the same ingredient of the mix-ture, the density of laboratory reagents and the microwave characteristics-log mag is one to one. Log mag changes drably as the change of laboratory reagent concentration’s change. Therefore, we can realize the mixing of liquid compo-nents detection based on the microwave technology. And there are two kinds of detection methods. One is Contact detection, the other is non-contact detection. (2) When we detect mixed liquid components using microwave technology, with frequency moderate increase, microwave log mag changes more obvious. At the same time, accuracy is also improved. The optimal detection frequency band in high frequency range. The best frequency range of directly contact de-tection with microwave is950MHz-1050MHz. The best frequency point of non-contact detection with microwave is14.6MHz.(3) Different non-metallic barrier will have an affect on the test results in non-contact detection. Nonmetal layer dielectric constant increases, the testing data is growing. But the rule is not changed. The minimum value it can detect two kinds of liquid dielectric constant is8.2.It is important to determine mixture composition for industrial production.

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