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Th3+e Investigation of Er3+/Yb3+ Codoped Core-Cladding Heterogeneous Single-mode Fiber Amplifier

Author LeiWeiHong
Tutor ChenMin
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Materials Science
Keywords Optical fiber amplifier Phosphate glasses Spectralparameters Core-cladding heterogenous Optical fiber preform Singal amplification
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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All optical network has now become the trend of optical fiber communication, towardsthe high rate large capatity, long distance transmission fiber direction. Up to now,erbium-doped silica fiber work main window in C band1530-1560nm, however the band onlyuses quartz single-mode optical fiber with low loss window part, limits the optical fiber canaccommodate channel utilization. Now, in order to further expand the communication ned andsynthesized Er3+/Yb3+doped core and cladding of heterogeneous type single mode opticalfiber amplifier, and the testing of the Er3+in which the optical and spectral characteristics, thesignal gain ability were systematically characterized and research, Pr3+, Tm3+and HO3+dopedmulti-component phosphate glass preparation of special band signal amplifier to lay thefoundation.In this work, high-temperature melt method have been used for fabircating the glasssample, the use of Judd-Ofelt theory on the glass of the absorption spectra were obtained, Er3+strength parameters (t=2,4,6) are6.181020,1.021020and0.751020cm2, respectively.while the caculation of the Er3+ion each energy level transition of the spectral parameters. Forexample, the oscillator strength, transition probability of spontaneous radiation, radiativelifetimes and fluorescence branching ratio. Optcial fiber preform by a fiber core and claddingcombination, rare earth doped fiber core refractive index is greater than the claddingrefractive index, meet the core and cladding refractive index range. However, rare earth dopedoverdose will generate ion quenching, effects of rare earth ions luminescence maximumutilization rate. The core package of heterogeneous structure, can not only adjust the glasscomponents, obtain the best excellent formula, but also solve the core refractive index. In thegroup of distribution ratio, Ba have larger atomic radius, its moderate doping inducedrefractive index changes relatively.Characterization of Er3+/Yb3+doped core and cladding of heterogeneous phosphatesingle-mode fiber optical performance, measured optical fiber waveguide near-field patterndiameter of~10m, calculated the numberical aperture(0.132). Its signal amplifier gain andinternal gain respectively for32.3dB and15.0dB. Relative gain compensation of the propagation loss and absorption loss, and in1535nm we get the maximum internal gaincoefficient of2.6dB/cm.Based on Er3+/Yb3+doped core and cladding of heterogeneous type multicomponentphosphate fiber preparation success and its signal amplification of excellent properties, webelieve that Pr3+,Tm3+and Ho3+doped core and cladding of heterogeneous multi componenttype phosphate fiber will be for the development of O-,S-and U-band optical fiber amplifierbring a new surprise.

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