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Research and Implementation of SIP Protocol Based on Android Operation System

Author HeZuoYi
Tutor WangShaoYuan
School Hunan University
Course Electronic Science and Technology
Keywords SIP Android Signaling procedure Message mechanism
CLC TN916.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Session Initiation Protocol was put forward in1999by Internet Engineering TaskForce, it is a real-time IP co mmunication signa ling protocol. The IETF drafted andreleased the RFC3261primary standard SIP protocol,the standard mainly realizes thecontro ling process, such as establishme nt, connectio n, modification and terminationof sessio ns. At the same time, it provides an extens ib le protocol architecture that canrea lize the three party call, video confere nce, event notifications and othervalue-added business for va lue-added application service providers by exte nding thestandard in the aspects of authentication, protocol security, service quality, etc, andintegrat ing the aud io and video service. While Andro id is an open source operatingsystem for mob ile communications equipme nt, on the basis of the Linux kerne l, it canprovides a variety of functions, and provide the Google ho memade Da lvikapplications running enviro nment and free, cross-platform deve lopme nt tools SDKbased on the Eclipse integrated developme nt environments, developers to learn anduse convenience. It is a convenience tool for developers.Because of the application require ments for secure voice communicatio n inAndroid System, this artic le imp le me nts a secure and mobilizab le IP telephone syste min Android System by using the standard SIP protocol.This paper introduces the research work of the SIP protocol and in-depth ana lys isthe working princ ip le of the SIP protocol, then designs and imp le ments an embeddedSIP stack based on RFC3261standard. After tests it on Android operatio n system, itshows that this syste m can meet the dema nd of the e mbedded SIP applicationdevelopment. The work of this thesis completes the following aspects:(1) Describes the development of the SIP protocol and research status.(2) Depth ana lys is the SIP protocol architecture, such as the princ ip le of theprotocol stack, signa ling procedure, the SIP message mecha nis m some keytechno logies such as registration process and focus on the structure o f the SIPprotocol, think deeply about the structure of the SIP protocol stackimplementation principle.(3) Reference to so me open source system s uch as PJSIP and oSIP, independentlydesigns a simp lified e mbedded SIP protocol stack. And designs the overa llarchitecture and the key of the SIP protocol stack modules.(4) On the basis o f RFC3261, us ing the Java language, the eclipse inte grated environme nt and Android simulation enviro nment, deve lop a SIP soft phonebased on Android p latform, introduces the key module s of the soft phone andthe core codes.(5) Tests the function a nd performance of the soft phone in the laboratoryenvironme nt with an Asterisk server, and the experimenta l results achie ve theexpected effect.

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