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Study on Interaction Design and Transformation of Acquisition Based on User Demand

Author WangXiaoZuo
Tutor CaiJun; HuangJinSong
School Hubei University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords mobile terminal Interactive Design User research
CLC TP393.01
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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In the era of the continuous development, science and technology constantlyadvance, and the Internet also keeps pace with the times at an extraordinary speed, andmeanwhile people’s lifestyle, the way of people communicating and getting informationhave been greatly changed. With the rapid development of computer technology andnetwork, the mobile communication business has been widely spread, especially for themobile terminal business represented by mobile phones with astonishing developmenttendency and speed. The popularization and application of mobile Internet and mobileterminal products have not only changed people’s original living habits, but also putmore demands on the design and development of mobile terminals. Under thebackground of such technology, a new generation of smart phones the interaction designof smart phones is more and more being paid extensive attention from all sectors ofsociety, furthermore, people’s needs of the mobile terminal products such as the smartphone, and pad are not just simple functional requirements, but user-centeredmulti-angle abd experience-based requirements. The current market demand shows thatpeople choose some mobile terminal product under the psychological consideration andemotional response from using the mobile phone products much more than the simpleconsideration about functions, which requests us to think more about the emotionalexperience of the product when developing the mobile product.In daily life, people increasingly rely on applications closely related to their lives.Among the commonly used applications, people usually show different usage habits andinteractive modes. Therefore, while obtaining the requirements, the product managerand interaction designer should more consider the psychological needs of users. TheInternet product has its unique properties and characteristics so as that during productdevelopment and improvement, the research and model are designed to apply therelevant results to product development iterations, not only just for studying, whichreflects the characteristics of mobile Internet terminal product development: lightweight,agile, easy to iterate, makes the interaction design and user study conducted throughoutthe course of the development process to greatly contribute to the easy-to-use aspect ofthe product..This article is to get the user demands for the mobile phone security software, andstudy the usage habits based on the user behavior analysis of the safety mobile securitysoftware named “Lenovo security” developed by Lenovo Research Institute. In theprocess of research, the background information of Lenovo security users is collectedand analyzed, the designed questionnaires are used to categorize all users based on thescores, and then the conclusion about user behavior study can be drawn fromobservation and interview conducted in users with different levels, which are to allowthe users to recreate usage scenarios, and restore their real points of view. This article isto use the basic method of user research to analyze the user’s pain points, and combinewith the existing products to improve user’s App stickiness, and enhance the user experience, from the perspective of interaction design and graphic design.The innovation of this subject is to investigate, count and analyze the demands forusers of “Lenovo security”, and use the result of our research to improve the product.Current academic case study on user requirements in the field of mobile Internetproduct design is still not sufficient, especially user’s behavior study and demandanalysis of Internet security products. This research will play an important role incontinuous development and improvement of Lenovo security such a mobile securityproduct at the later stage, and also improve the user experience of Lenovo security to anew height..

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