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Influence of Ball Milled Powder on the Properties of Carbon Anode Used in Aluminum Electrolysis

Author DengSongYun
Tutor XiaoJin;LuoYingTao
School Central South University
Course Non-ferrous metallurgy
Keywords Carbon anode Preparation process Formula Ultra-fine powder Blaine value
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The carbon anode a direct impact on the quality of the economic and technical indicators, production of aluminum and carbon anode formula composed of anode quality plays a decisive role . In this paper, the anode formulations powder purity and particle size of the anode quality correlation research laboratory anode preparation process optimization based on the characteristics of the powder super fine powder and its anode performance trends and as a basis for for domestic aluminum plant ( Z plant ) carbon anode production process powder ingredients blended with the status quo , formula powder purity , the proportion of ultra-fine powder content changes and other factors on the anode performance, as research . (1 ) the characteristics of small equipment , establish and perfect a set of stable laboratory with carbon anode preparation process , and kneading temperature , mold insulation and temperature , the paste cool material temperature and molding pressure and other process conditions optimized. (2) to introduce concept of powder Blaine value to characterize the aluminum carbon anode batching process ball mill particle size and specific surface area characteristics , the study found that the the Blaine value on the content of the ball mill super fine powder has a high sensitivity . (3) Research the recipe super fine powder content and powder Blaine value on the performance of the anode effect and trend results show that when the powder super fine powder proportion increased to more than 50% , the anode compressive strength , conductivity, thermal conductivity, air / CO2 reactivity and other properties will be adversely affected, but the the anode air permeability will be improved . ( 4 ) The process of ball milling the ingredients for the Z plant studies have shown that , in the case of constant process conditions and preparation of the other formulations , the plant can change the purity of the powder to the range of 60-70% , can achieve the anode compressive the performance improvement of strength, electrical conductivity , thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient of the air / CO2 reactivity , etc. ; also by reducing the content of the super fine powder of the ball mill to improve its conductive properties of the anode .

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