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Research on the Information Processing and Display Methods of the Radar Simulator

Author ZhanZuo
Tutor LinXiaoGong
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Radar simulator Bitmap database Display methods Simulator model
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In recent years, traing simulators are widely used in Navy simulated training,while thehovercraft simulation training system which is the topic involved is based on the traingsimulator.The simulation system has many advantages such as verisimilitude, strong inreal-time and operability, largely solve the drawbacks of practical training by entailing a lot ofmanpower and resources, with the coaches training and operating in the most "real"environment. With the development of information technology and navigation technology,radar simulators play an increasingly important role in the training simulation system. In orderto further improve the ship’s capability of collision avoidance and obstacle avoidance; we canadd the radar display bitmap database into radar simulator. By adding the bitmap database,coaches can much more clearly observation of the surrounding sea conditions in real-time toprotect the security of the maritime.First, a brief analysis of the development of domestic and international radar simulatordynamically, and on some of the concepts described in forward-looking outlook on the radardisplay and control system development. It describes the structure and function of the radarsimulator display and control system, showing the radar simulator which is related to thehovercraft simulation training platform, detailing composition of the radar simulator as wellas the role of its components, and analysis each display module division and the importanceof the radar display bitmap radar simulator. The radar bitmap display system plays a crucialrole in the radar simulator, by using the Global Mapper map software on the radar to displaybitmap, and analysis a brief of the orientation and perspective of the picture.The structure andfunction of the bitmap BMP files in Radar display includes bitmap file header, bitmapinformation header, the main parameters, as well as RGB color mode. We can specify for aparticular coordinate value which is could be derived to the corresponding position of theRGB values, and summarize and analyze its fundamental processes.Then, according to analysis the part and classification, of the SQL Server2005database, we can know how to create and query the database and analysis and presentationeach button and its running effect of the database system and the functions, show the requiredbitmap detaily. ADO database access technology is the Connection of the VC++6.0and theSQL Server2005database and vector realizes the information of the database, which is bothkey technology, and vector drawing program on the dialog box makes the drawing functionmuch more concise. Under Windows operating system and VC++6.0, we designs the radarsimulator software system to use the GDI+technology for the drawing simulation, to get the radar simulator scanning interface and control interface, as well as to achieve the controlinterface radar function and the display images software was introduced. Also it uses thebitmap which is obtained in the database system, loading in the radar simulator for the finaldisplay to realize the display function of the radar display of the bitmap on the radar simulator.At the same time, a movement model is simulated, matching the simulation model of themovement with the radar display bitmap data to achieve the effect to display bitmap inreal-time. Finally, also we can treat with the bitmap on the radar display in any angle ofrotation, and display inaccurately makes coach’s field of view wider.

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