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Research on Moving Target Detection Technology to the Basis of Distributed SAR of Three Dimensional Configuration

Author ZuoZhiChao
Tutor LiuMei
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords three-dimensional space configuration distributed SAR moving targetDetection phase compensation technology maximum likelihood criteria compressed sensing technology
CLC TN957.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) can be sustained period of time need to work,regardless of time, weather conditions, this unique model to enhance the ability ofradar systems, access to information, whether in the field of national defense andsecurity in people everyday life are more important value in use. Distributed SARsystem has become a new development direction of the radar study. DistributedSAR system consists of a number of small satellites, small satellites formation work,perform different tasks according to task requirements can change formation.Distributed SAR satellite combination of to improve system performance, comparedto single stars, with high anti-jamming and anti-damage, the formation of a stablesystem, and greatly reduced costs.Distributed SAR ground moving target indication (Ground Moving TargetIndication, GMTI), is an important research problem in the field of distributed SAR.Compared to the traditional moving target detection, distributed SAR system uses amulti-platform joint working to improve the amount of information of the systemcan effectively suppress the clutter of the observation area, and enhance the systemfor moving target detection capability, in particular, better detection method todetect the moving target than the traditional.Distributed SAR in accordance with its configuration can be divided into thedistribution of linear array, planar array distribution, and stereochemistry.Stereochemistry at the same time has along track baseline and the vertical baseline,theoretically the stereochemistry distributed SAR system can achieve moving targetdetection and ground elevation measurements, such as a variety of functions, studythe three-dimensional configuration of distributed SAR has important significance.In addition, because the satellite perturbation, and the orbit error, the actual runningprocess is difficult to fully achieve the desired configuration requirements, such asfully distributed linear array, more or less the stereochemistry, in3D DistributedSAR configuration to reduce configuration requirements, saving consumptioncorrected orbit.Traditional distributed SAR moving target detection, based on distributed SARline array configuration,on the principle of clutter cancellation suppression formoving target detection, there are strict requirements on the track. In thestereochemistry traditional methods is difficult to achieve. In this paper proposed touse two methods to detect moving targets in3D Distributed SAR configuration.One is combination of the maximum likelihood criterion and the array phase compensation technology to solve three-dimensional configuration of distributedSAR moving target detection. Another is using of compressed sensing technology tosolve three-dimensional configuration of distributed SAR Moving Target Detectionproblem.The moving target detection combined with the maximum likelihood criterionand the array phase compensation technology, compensated for the remainingmoving target due to clutter the phase difference introduced by the spatialconfiguration of each platform, the use of compensation, only the introduction ofphase, carry out action target detection. This method is effective in the detectionand localization in the spatial configuration of moving targets, high stability, noiseimmunity and multi-target resolution capability.The compressed sensing techniques for moving target detection, is effectiveway to avoid solving mixed baseline of the stereochemistry, and a jointmulti-channel detection. Using compressed sensing technology to detect the movingtarget requirements greatly reduce the amount of data, the detection process, in thecase of only having few amounts of data, can still detect moving target.

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