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Search of Radar Network Deployment Based on Multi-objective Optimization

Author DongXuLiang
Tutor WangJianHua
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Signal and Information Processing
Keywords Radar Network Optimal Deployment Multi-objective Optimization MonteCarlo Method PSO
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The intent of this paper is to investigate radar network deployment based onmulti-objective optimization.Firstly, there are brief reviews and comments of the research background as well as thepresent situation of the subject, and then the future development trend of radar network areintroduced in this paper.Secondly, This paper elaborates the basic concept, forms and characteristics of radarnetwork; on this basis,this paper research the principle of the radar’s “four counteractions”and then analyses the advantages of radar network better than the single radar, This principleincluding detection probability, similar frequency jamming, airspace cover redundancy,resources utilize and low attitude repair. This paper introduces the key Technology of radarnetwork.Thirdly, this paper elaborates the principles of optimal deployment of radar network,types of networking radar, and several typical radar network optimization forms in detail.And then this paper discuss on the detection range of radar network system. Then amathematical model is established to get the detection probability. The detection probabilityof radar network system is calculated based on the mathematical description of the form.The Monte Carlo method is introduced to get the detection range of radar network system.And Analysis how to apply the Monte Carlo method to the optimal deployment of radarnetwork is given. The design steps are given, the results is simulated by computer. Theresults show that the proposed method can calculate the detection area of radar networksystem effectively. According to the principle of optimal deployment of radar network, theradar Netting optimization model based on the liability coverage coefficient is established.Then the particle swarm optimization algorithm is introduced to solve the optimal model.Principle of particle swarm algorithm and the flowchart of the algorithm used in this paperare introduced. Finally, the results of optimization deployment are simulated by computer.Finally, this paper elaborates the main principle of the radar network optimizationdeployment and quantifies them. And then this paper develop a mathematical model ofdeployment of radar network based on Multi-objective Optimization; In order to solve theabove problem, the multi-objective optimization problem and it’s solution is also introducedin this paper. And then this paper expounds the main process and key steps in themulti-objective particle swarm algorithm used in this paper. The algorithm used in this paper using random selection strategy grouping method structure non dominated solution setand the non-dominated solutions are archived external solution set. The-domination isused to update the external solution set. The distribution of the algorithm is improved. Inorder to increase the accuracy of solution, the semi-feasible region is introduced to deal withconstraint conditions. The rules of competition is used to select individual minimum andhelp them being out of local minimum. The mathematical model and the multi-objectiveparticle swarm algorithm is used for computer simulation and the coefficient of radarnetworking system before and after deployment optimization are analyzed, experimentalresults show that this mathematical model and the algorithm are feasible and effective.

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