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Self-calibartion Research of Platfrom Inertial Navigation System

Author ZhouWen
Tutor LiGuangChun; WangMengJun
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Control Engineering
Keywords Stabilized Platform System Error self-calibration Platform error Multi position closed-loop self-calibration Observability analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Inchoateself-calibartion before shooting for a platform system is finished in laboratorythrough the turntable which is an ideal condition. The environment is quite different betweenthat in Lab and the one where missile and weapon system work, so the error is larger and timeis longer in Lab. Self-calibration for the missile before shooting can improve the accuracy andsave time.The characteristic of platform self-calibartion is calibrating and seprating errors onlyrelying on its own conditions and characteristics. In this paper, errors self-calibration technicof three axis liquid floated gyro stabilized platform system is studied and a reasonable errorself-calibation scheme is put forward based on the stability of once current electricity. Thesismainly studies the following aspects of content.The basic principle and frame structure of platform inertial navigation system isintroduced, and platform self-calibration method is analyzed. The platform stabilization loopand the initial alignment of the related content are expounded. What’s more, four kinds ofself-calibration schemes of platform system are introduced.The error model of platform under the static base is analyzed, and the installation errormodel of inertial instrument is studied. Based on this, platform system error model includinginstallation error angle is deduced, and the measurement equation of inertial device isestablished.The mechanism of gyro drift and the connection of gyro drift and platform drift areanalyzed in detail, and self-calibration error factors of platform system are summarized.Based on self-calibration of multi-position closed-loop platform system,6-position calibrationscheme and16-position calibration scheme of platform system are designed, and theobservability of error parameters to the system are analyzed. The processing of platform datais elaborated on. In addition, as two testing methods of calibration parameters of the platformsystem, the Monte Carlo method and norm analysis method are studied Respectively.Finally, simulation analysis is done based on the platform system self-calibration schemehas carried in this paper to prove the correctness of6-position calibration scheme and16-position calibration scheme.

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