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Design and Implementation of Student Information Management System for Vocational Education School

Author ZhaoJing
Tutor LiangYanChun; DuWei
School Jilin University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Database student information management system vocational education
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In the national education conference of2013, Minister Yuan emphasized in order toaccelerate the education modernization, we need to improve education managementdepending on scientific methods greatly. If we want to achieve education modernization, wemust depend on Information Technology (IT). The field of Information Technology willbecome an important carrier of education. The computer not only can be used in themultimedia teaching, but also becomes an important assistant of school management. Studentinformation management system can obviously improve work efficiency and shorten the timeof management process for data statistics and analysis.Without the accuracy of student information, we cannot achieve the goal of datarefinement management. The student information is very important data resources in theschool and is an indispensable part of education. Especially in recent years, the InformationTechnology is widely used in collection the information of students, student signing of theentrance examination for high school and university, information of teachers and standardschool management.With a special characteristic, such as covering wide field, containing large quantity ofdata, and updating frequently, so it is more complicated and difficult to manage by manualwork. If we use the way of traditional artificial management, we cannot achieve highmanagement efficiency. At present, in some remote area of our country, the carrier of studentinformation management is still paper, especially schools in the backward area, whichapparently cannot satisfy the management demand. Therefore the traditional manualmanagement mode must be replaced by the computer management mode.Recently, the size of basic education is enlarging, the number of students is dramaticallyincreasing (especially in the ordinary high school, and vocational high school), besides, theadministrative department becomes more strict with the requirement of students’information modernization. Furthermore, the amount of student information has increasedgreatly. If we also work in the traditional way, we will face heavy workload wasting largequantities of workforce and materials. Now, due to the rapid development of computertechnology and its popularization, student information management will become easier andmore efficient with reducing the possible faults. Therefore developing software of a studentinformation management is necessary and urgent.In this paper, we describe the student information management system used in the vocational education school, which I am in charge of. In order to form a complete system, wedesign it as an MIS system. During the development of this system, we develop it by thefollowing two aspects: the data base and the client application system. Firstly, we establish acomplete and safe database system by using MySQL, which requires users to enter the username and password for the database access. Considering above reasons, the programdevelopment is used by Java. Because the supports of database development tools are well,the tools provide users with a good database operation environment and can be easilyaccessible. According to the needs of the vocational school education, we can develop astudent information management system based on C/S mode by the two tools. The functionsof this system contain data entry retrieval, and summary, at the same time, the system has thedata backup and restoring functions. The system also supports the function of exporting datafrom database, so that the users can use it in other systems.

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