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Design and Implementation of Management System on Credit Student Loans for Place of Student Source in Hebei

Author JiLongTao
Tutor ZhangYunKai
School Hebei Normal
Course Computer Science and Technology
Keywords Credit Student Loans ASP.NET SQL Server Report Statistics
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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To further help the poor students complete their studies, while reducing the fees collectedbad situation and give pressure on the normal functioning of colleges and universities, statedepartments at all levels continue to gradually improve through various channels to studentfinancial assistance system, and actively promote the reform and student loan policydevelopment. Student credit student loans are our current student loan system is an importantpart of tackling poverty and gradually developed into a major source of college tuition meansattention and recognition by the community. Student credit student loans policy, solve a lot ofpoor students because of tuition fees can not continue their studies of the problem, to a certainextent, to ensure the fairness of education.Hebei student credit student loan management system in Hebei Province Department ofEducation Student Financial Assistance Management Centre (abbreviation: Provincial fundingcenter) student loan process to achieve convenient, standardized and loan data, information,networking and interest calculated objectivity, openness and presided over the buildingmanagement system. System construction of the main objectives are: to enable students to theentire loan process more convenient; credit unions at all levels to support the approval of theloan application center smoother; county credit unions to make more objective and trueinterest calculation; while further address the credit Social unilateral interest loopholes andshortcomings brought issues such as management, improve the management of students to thelevel of student loans.System construction draws current mainstream software development techniques, theoverall use of the B/S mode structure is conducive to the promotion and use of the system, tofacilitate post-maintenance and data security management. Using Microsoft Visual C#development language as a system, relying on the Microsoft.NET platform design anddevelopment, then use the same back-end database for Microsoft’s SQL Server2005, ensurethat the system of communication between the front and back smooth and secure. Selectedmature UBD three-tier model, the system is conducive to the later expansion and business logic specification. Meanwhile, in order to better improve the expressive and interactive,user-friendly use, but also appropriate to introduce Ajax and Web Service technology.Firstly, from a different perspective on the background and significance of systemdevelopment conducted a comprehensive analysis, and then combined with the currentpopularity of computers, development level and students to student loan approval, statistics,reports and other business processes, system requirements and develop clear objectives, andthe results of the analysis carried out a feasibility analysis; requirements for the system afterthe basic outline design, access to the system logic model and database structures; detaileddesign stage in accordance with the outline design for a specific refinement and analysis, eachfunction module data flow diagrams and algorithm; Finally, the functional modules andnecessary to achieve unit testing and describes the deployment process and considerations.System test results and application results demonstrate design and implementation ofeach functional module can effectively meet Hebei student credit student loans for variousbusiness needs, while through the system platform can also loan process, contractmanagement, interest calculations, reports, statistics and other aspects of centralized, effectiveregulatory management, to further improve the students to student loan system, meticulousmanagement, to facilitate student loans and credit unions at all levels of data management,risk compensation and interest payments than on providing a strong strong protection.This article gives a detailed representation to the whole process of development of thesystem, involving software-defined (requirements definition, feasibility analysis), software(outline design, detailed design, implementation, and testing), software maintenance(deployment and maintenance) and other three main stages of the software life cycle. This canbe through a deep understanding of B/S mode the main software development process andcan help solve design and development in general. Through this research can provide studentloans system and other application software development to provide reference and referencevalue.

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