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Study on conversion and UML testing and model based on AADL

Author LiuBo
Tutor ShiJun
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Computer Software and Theory
Keywords AADL UML MARTE Model Transformation Model validation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the continuous development of software development, the scale of the software product development becomes wider which makes software development needs a kind of unified modeling language urgently, the OMG (Object Management Group) realized this demand in time and introduced UML object oriented modeling language. UML, also known as the Unified Modeling Language or standard modeling language, was begun with an OMG standard since1997which is a graphical language that supports modeling and software system. It provides modeling and visualization support for all stages of software development, including requirements analysis, the specifications, the structure and the configuration.AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language) which is customized and developed for the embedded real-time systems has many advantages that suitable for large and more abstract platform in the embedded domain modeling. Architecture Analysis and Design Language (Architecture Analysis and Design Language AADL) support the modeling language of the text and view mode, and the system provides designers opportunity to do some schedulability analysis, reliability analysis on components and systems by describing timeliness, reliability, validity, and other non-functional properties of embedded systems. In that way the system designer can do some further improvement to the system. AADL can carry on the test to the performance after the system integration in the modeling phase.In actual development, when engineers are trying to apply the UML to embedded field, problems arise, such as the UML does not support the description of the non-functional attributes, which makes UML cannot be applied in the field of embedded. In the same time, OMG launched its latest modeling tools UML profile for MARTE that can be applied in the field of embedded. This promotion make MARTE can better apply to embedded field and describe the time, resources, and other non-functional attributes accurately. Now because of the AADL, more and more users including the original MARTE users gradually begin to apply for AADL that specifically built for embedded real-time domain. And how to make original MARTE users transfer to the AADL platform more smoothly and with minimal impact became a new direction to investigate, in this paper, following three contents are mainly studied:First, this article introduces the AADL and development background of UML in detail and briefly introduces some modeling and verification methods, from that we can understand the differences between AADL and UML in modeling and verification methods more easily. It briefly introduces AADL language, and focus on the part of the conversion, shows brief introduction to the UML language and detailed introduction to the MARTE modeling tool aced in the transformation with instance models for instructions. Second, this article introduces conversion method from UML model to the AADL model in detail and makes a detailed analysis of the mapping relationship between UML and the AADL, briefly introduce validation method of AADL model which verified by introducing NuSMV to ensure the reliability of the model after converting.Finally, in this article we introduce the vehicle cruise control system as an experimental object. First of all we analysis and model cruise control system with detailed modeling process, and then convert UML model into the corresponding AADL model, at last verify the loop control model through NuSMV to validate its reasonableness. It also proves the deficiency of NuSMV as the AADL validation tool, from that we can confirm whether the conversion process is correct or not. In that way, we can do better in model transformation and also find deficiencies in the conversion.

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