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Business Logic Design of Recommendation Based Educational System

Tutor WangGuoJun
School Central South University
Course Computer Science and Technology
Keywords Business Logic Recommender System Online Learning Preference-based Recommendation
CLC TP391.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The birth of information overload is the result of high demand of Internet usage in recent years. One of the most important reason due to which Internet has faced such a rapid growth is the accessibility of available information without any restriction. This gigantic information exchange has an important considering factor while searching the required information from it. Users spend a huge resources of time and efforts finding reliable and relevant information resource based on their requirements, due to which the relevant information retrieval is becoming difficult each day as the ranking algorithms of search engine are based on user interactions, backlinks, social leads, page hits but not on relevance of the resource. According to a research expertise are required to extract information from search engine more efficiently and quickly.Several methods of information retrieval and filtering have been suggested so far, but still it is a complex task which needs users to put in a lot of efforts for either using hit and trial method or to learn techniques to search efficiently. Time is an asset and its proper utilization is very important in every aspect of life, especially for a student who knows the real value of time, but there is no such system readily available which leverages students to find educational resources based on their preferences. Where the results would be provided to user not only on the basis of preferences but also on the ranking of resource and recommendations from other users. The system would consider the preferences of user as the base of recommending resources to him from other users who have similar preferences and or are in some way relevant to each other.Business logic is the core of any system. It is responsible for the end to end data interaction and works as a catalyst between user interface and backend database. The set of rules defined in business logic govern the flow of data within the system and most of the system reliability and effectiveness is determined the business logic domain that acts as a middle layer in data flow.In this thesis we have proposed business logic design of a recommendation system which recommends educational resources to user based on his preferences, weightage of resources and the trended resources available at that point of time. We have proposed algorithms to find similarity between users which is an important part to get recommendations from users which are similar, once these users are extracted their interaction towards different resources is taken under consideration and their weightage is computed using the weightage algorithm proposed in this thesis. Based on the weightage the resources with highest relevance, rating are recommended to the user and from these trends are calculated using the algorithm proposed to get the latest on going hot topics of the system and recommend to user which has most preference match to it. So the scope of this thesis is to propose a recommendation system which suggests education resources to users based on their preferences and on the weightage of resources, trends using the algorithm proposed in this thesis.

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